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I'm from Poland, I'm a big volleyball fan, and I'm also trying to play in it. I am most interested in lower leagues in Poland. If you want to talk to me, exchange knowledge, I invite you, write to me!

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Miguel Angel Falasca is dead O.O
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Have you heard that in other sports are "medical transfers"? Plusliga compromises ...
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I'm curious when the selection of volleyball judges comes. I'm surprised that some licenses have
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I do not understand the transfer policy of Polish clubs ... Zaksa having a talented 18-year-old Kosian, who could easily start to be a substitute, take Shaw ...
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Italy - European Championships 2017 Roster

Italians, in this tournament will appear in a little weakened composition. There will be stars such as Ivan Zaytsev, who resigned after the fight with the Italian for the shoes he is about to perform. Juantorena took a break, for the ... Mostrar mais

2017-08-20 0 2499 2437 1 min de leitura
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Belgium - European Championships 2017 Roster

Belgians have long been a very uncomfortable opponent for favorites. They have many good volleyball players in their team, and in addition, the current brown medalist of the Vital Neynen World Championships is also training. They set ... Mostrar mais

2017-08-20 0 2538 2475 1 min de leitura
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Poland - European Championships 2017 Roster

Poland as current Champions of the World, which they have won in Poland, at the current European Championship also play at home. The fans will surely want to take them to gold as in 2014. At the previous European Championships, they f... Mostrar mais

2017-08-15 1 2642 2606 1 min de leitura
Kacper6 anos atrás 2606 1
Czech Republic - European Champinships 2017 Roster

The Czech Republic is an interesting representation. They never know what they are capable of, and their greatest success is 4th place in the 2003 World Cup. There are no people out there today. The team is relatively young, but it ha... Mostrar mais

2017-08-13 0 2280 2209 1 min de leitura
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 Break from the volleyball Aleksa Brdović

Serbian setter Alex Brdjović this season is not able to help his country. Absence in the 24-year-old playmaker surprised many retinue fans. It turned out that this athlete has health problems and it is quite serious. Studies have show... Mostrar mais

2017-08-13 0 1948 1907 3 minutos de leitura
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Turkey - European Championships 2017 Roster

Men's team of Turkey did not have such great achievements as women's volleyball. Another tournament also does not promises to be outstanding. In sparring before the European Championships they did not play somehow, but they did not de... Mostrar mais

2017-08-10 1 2760 2677 1 min de leitura
Kacper6 anos atrás 2677 1
Bulgaria - European Championships 2017 Roster

After the Bulgarian volleyball revolution, the team is trying to return to great success again. Last years in Bulgaria looked very poor. Today Bulgarian should not be underestimated, coach Plamen Konstantinov believes that his teammat... Mostrar mais

2017-08-10 0 2424 2409 1 min de leitura
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France - European Championships 2017 Roster

The defenders of the French title this year have already won the world league. The European Championships are also favorites and they can not imagine returning home without a gold medal. Compared to the previous European Championships... Mostrar mais

2017-08-10 0 2834 2820 1 min de leitura
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Russia - European Championship 2017 Roster

The Russians at the previous European Championships did not reach anything, they finished the quarterfinals. This year promises good in Russian volleyball. Changing coaches, rejuvenating the team in the world league and taking a good ... Mostrar mais

2017-08-08 2 3080 3062 1 min de leitura
Kacper6 anos atrás 3062 2
Spain - European Championship 2017 Roster

Spain exactly 10 years ago unexpectedly won the European Championship, which was held in Russia. For the current championship, they barely advanced, and the good game Spaniards have long since heard. Will the new generation of Spaniar... Mostrar mais

2017-08-02 0 2581 2464 1 min de leitura
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Finland - European Championship 2017 Roster

Finland is a representation of which volleyball can not be underestimated. They are still waiting for success, although this season they have been very rejuvenated and want to gather in the tournament in Poland the necessary experienc... Mostrar mais

2017-08-01 0 2448 2363 1 min de leitura
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Slovenia - European Championship 2017 Roster

After a great success at the previous European Championships in Slovenia, there was a change of coaches. The once great Andrea Giani replaced Andrea Giani. Today Slovenian people are not ordinary, today they are in the role of favorit... Mostrar mais

2017-08-01 2 3175 3110 1 min de leitura
Kacper6 anos atrás 3110 2
 Slovakia - European Championship 2017 Roster

Coach Andrej Kravarik and his assistants Martin Pipa and Roman Kassa announced the team for the European Championships which will be held in Poland.



Setter: Juraj Zatko, Filip Palgut

Spiker: Milan Bencz, Peter Mlynarcik

Middl... Mostrar mais

2017-07-31 0 2295 2137 1 min de leitura
Kacper6 anos atrás 2137 0
Germany - European Championship 2017 Roster

The new head coach of the Germany volleyball team Andrea Giani has chosen 14 players for the upcoming European Championship tournament in Poland. Check out the full roster! 



Setter: Lukas Kampa, Jan Zimermann

Spiker: Georg Gro... Mostrar mais

2017-07-26 2 3928 3845 1 min de leitura
Kacper6 anos atrás 3845 2
There is no money, players. The board is silent

The team is not present and has been entered for the competition - says coach SKS Hajnówka, Paweł Blomberg.

The Polish Volleyball Federation has provided preliminary schedules for the first and second leagues. Two teams from Podlaskie ... Mostrar mais

2017-07-24 0 2394 2382 3 minutos de leitura
Kacper6 anos atrás 2382 0
 Volley hitchhiking reached Bombai. For Kacper they have overcome more than 10,000 kilometers!

13-year-old Kacper suffers from hydrocephalus and congenital malformations. Although he has undergone two operations recently, his illness has progressed and over time it became clear that the boy would have to move in a wheelchair.

To... Mostrar mais

2017-07-15 0 1990 1963 3 minutos de leitura
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Walbrzych does not give up the 1st league of Polish men! Confusion!

Yesterday was the preliminary composition of the 1st league of men and pair of 1st round of the main round, accepted by the Division of PZPS. The schedule and composition of the league must still be approved by the board of the Polish... Mostrar mais

2017-07-08 0 1364 1345 3 minutos de leitura
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