'Igłą szyte' (Canada) - part 5

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Olek The Killer and the rest of polish stuff watching Niagara Falls during World League 2012 matches. I belive I can fly...

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00:05 *Igła* We can feel breeze from waterfall here 00:09 *Dzik* I'm not going to wear this. I didn't came here to wear this thing. 00:16 *Igła* We are very close now. I can feel water from wterfall. We're here not to record ourselves but...We can see everything here like on hand. My favourite couch behind me: Gardo. It's beautiful. We're going to take few photos. 00:48 *Dzik* Igła, do you have a backpack? *Igła* Yes. *Dzik* So, do you know what I'm going to do...I put my shirt into your backpack *Igła* Yes? *Dzik* Yeah, why not? 00:59 *Jarząbek/Oskar* I believe I can fly. 01:02 *Igła* Now, we're getting on the boat, we're going to the bow. We can feel the breeze now, they gave us life-jackets. 01:10 *??* First boatswain on the deck. 01:12 *Igła* We have "muff", so there will be some photos, for sure. I think that you'll be happy about this blog, which I make. I don't know much about writing, but maybe you'll like this photos and materials. (Ofcourse we like it so much ;)).I'm going to do some photos for my blog. 01:54 *??* Smiling coach, we win the tournament. 01:58 *Igła* Two victories one loss, which was unexpected, but it was 3:2, so you must forgive us. 02:07 *??* It's starting to be severely. *Igła* How I should put this thing on? *??* You have three holes. *Igła* Hehe, really? (...) Wait! *??* Ooo. Here we go... 02:46 *Możdżon* Krzysiu, take this photo! *Igła* This trip is about us getting wet. I can't take photos! Damn it! We won't give up! 03:26 *Igła* So, ladies and gentelmen, we're going closer. Probably, this mist will wet us. So I'll prepare now. How do I look? *??* Beautiful! 'The Old Man and the sea' (E. Hemingway book). 03:56 *Igła* This is really beautiflul. It's impressive. 04:00 *??* Mr. team boatswain. What do you think? *Możdżon* First deck hand, I would tell... 04:14 *Możdżon* Come on, celebrity! Don't dilly-dally! 04:16 *Igła* I'm not. It's dripping a lot! Really it's mash. We've just... 04:40 *Możdżon* Krzysiu, Do we have 'fun'? *Igła*'Yes, I have fun' 04:49 *Igła* Record us, record us! Paput! We're 'forfiter'. It's trip in the fog. 05:07 *Rucek/Paput/Orzeł* It must be shown: how to put hood on. *Igła* I'm sorry i put it inversely. I didn't want water to wet my face, but it didn't work out. We took some great photos. I think, that it's really worth visiting. Like Tony Halik would say it's worth seeing, and it's good to mark it on your traveller map. Like us 'troubadours'. Treebeard (actually, I think it's good comparison. Marcin have something form Tolkien's Ent ;)), Eagle and me. 05:38 *Możdżon* "And me." Maybe you should tell how we call you? (They call Igła "rabbit" but it's long story, so maybe I'll write it later. :)) 05:46 *Igła* We could see some fun places thanks to PZPS...and FIVB. I think that next trip will be as fun as this. Now we invite you to tournament in Katowice. Soon we'll meet in Katowice, probably we'll see many fun thing there too, so visit and 'like it' 06:13 *Możdżon* Me Gusta! 06:15 *Igła* Everybody will like it, I think that It'll be many posts. We can do this, right? 06:22 *Igła* How will you remember trip to Toronto? 06:27 *Jarski* Good food. *Igła* Yes! Especially breakfasts! *Jarski* Good sport results 06:33 *Igła* Master of shopping! Today was fruitfull *Guma* I Didn't earn on this trip. 06:45 *Igła* Pit, who twisted his ankle. Show your ankle! *Pit* Rubiks' cube (kostka=ankle=cube) I'll be alive. *Igła* No... He has only small tape. Zibi, How's trip, except that you're sunburned. 07:01 *Zibi* I'm not sunburn, but they put me in the grill and they foget to roll me over. So on one side white, and on the other... red. 07:13 *Igła* So almost like national colors. *Zibi* You must present on court!.

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