Polish lineup, statistics, after match impressions, etc. ON WCH 2010

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I think it's a good place to discuss about the Polish National Volleyball Team.

We play quite good, but I don't know if it'll be enaugh to get to the semifinals. I'm dissapointed of Winiarski's attack. Gruszka surprised me once again: maybe he isn't as good as on the European Championships, but he's prepared to play on the highest level. I hope that Wlazły will increase his shape, because Gruszka is rather high-aged and can't play in all matches. I think it'll be properly when Gruszka will be prepared for the crucial moments and Wlazły will be in the starting lineup.

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Winiarski and Wlazły played rather weak game, but I hope they will do them best in next matches. Zagumny don't play very well now. I'm very sad because of this. Our team need him so much and I don't imagine that he would play worse than Łomacz... Kurek ... hmmm... I'm very suprised him ! He's our best player now. It's well that we have him ! Go Poland ?!
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