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Bulgaria 5 blocks in 6 actions (Bulgaria - Cuba) Actions 2010-10-06 5 kill blocks on the wing performed by Matey Kaziyski, Nikolay Nikolov, Vladimir Nikolov. Cuba won that game 3:2 in front of 4200 fans at the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence. Over the course of five …
Cuba - Brazil (World Championship 2010) Matches 2010-09-27 The greatest match of 1st round of World Champs in Italy. There was over 6000 fans at Palaolimpia hall. Leon, Hernandez and Simon defeated Murilo's team. That result was surprise for most of fans. Tha…
Robertlandy Simon 3rd meter spike (Brazil - Cuba) Actions 2010-09-27 Huge spike by a Simon Aties after a great set by Hierrezuelo. Robertlandy Simon was the best blocker of that tournament. In May 2011 he was suspected to escaping Cuba and was arrested (like 4 other Cu…
Argentina - France (World Championship 2010, short cut) Highlights 2010-09-30 Short cut from first match of 2nd round in World Championship 2010 between Argentina and France. Argentina won 3:1.The best player in that match was Facundo Conte.
Argentina - Japan (World Championship 2010, short cut) Highlights 2010-10-02 Highlights with the best actions in match between Japan and Argentina in World Championship 2010. The best players in match was: Facundo Conte, Kunihiro Shimizu and Rodrigo Quiroga. Movie made by Arg…
Cuba - Spain Matches 2010-09-29
Wilfredo Leon in World Championships 2010 Players 2012-04-14 18 years old Wilfredo Leon in World Championships 2010. This movie shows how high he jumps during spiking. Thanks to him Cuba have reached the final game.
Serbia - Cuba Matches 2010-10-09
World Championship 2010 Highlights (5th movie) Highlights 2011-07-18 Best actions from World Champs 2010. Brazil won final game against Cuba. Serbia took 3rd place.
Volleyball parody: Brazil - Bulgaria Matches 2010-10-02 Brazil was trying to lose match, cause of absurd Italian rules of World Championships 2010. In case of victory Brazil will have opponents in next round: Spain and Cuba, in case of defeat: Germany and …
Bulgaria - Spain Matches 2010-10-04
Bulgaria - Cuba Matches 2010-10-06
Hector Soto Players 2011-03-02 You can see nice actions by Hector Soto in World Championships 2010. He is one of the best spiker of Puerto Rico in the history.