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Philip Harmash suprising set Other We usually use free ball by default . But if you do something unexpected it will surprise your enemy
5 months ago • 194 views
Milad Ebadipour amazing no block set Actions Plusliga 2018/19 Milad Ebadipour (Iran/Skra Bełchatów) amazing no block set to Mariusz Wlazly in game against Jastrzebski Wegiel in Plusliga 2018/2019 quarterfinals.
9 months ago • 804 views
Bruno Rezende fantastic set (Moscow - Lube) Actions Champions League 2018/19 A tie-break victory against Dynamo Moscow achieved with actions like this. The return game at the Eurosuole Forum in Civitanova Marche will take place on March 21, starting at 20:30 local time.
10 months ago • 353 views
30 one-hand sets (2nd movie) Highlights Movie with the most important sets in last tournaments.
11 months ago • 394 views
Beautiful Actions in Volleyball History Highlights Beautiful Actions in Volleyball History (HD).
1 year ago • 927 views
Micah Christenson one-hand set (Modena - Ravenna) Actions Italian Serie A1 2018/19 Amazing set to Bartosz Bednorz who got MVP award. Modena's team showed their class in the hardest moments in three sets.
1 year ago • 396 views
Benjamin Toniutti amazing set to Łukasz Wiśniewski Actions Champions League 2018/19 Where are the blockers? ;-) Just wait till you see how this rally ends...
1 year ago • 517 views
Robertlandy Simon amazing set to Bruno Rezende Actions Italian Serie A1 2018/19 Amazing duo in Serie A1. Lube defeated Siena in four sets.
1 year ago • 553 views
30 one-hand sets that shocked the world Highlights 30 one-hand sets that shocked the World from last volleyball tournaments from such stars as: Micach Christenson, Simone Gianelli, Brizard, Marouf, Bruno Rezende.
1 year ago • 429 views
Esko & Porkka great action (Denmark - Finland) Actions European Championships Qualifications 2019 Finland opened their campaign in Group A with a 3:1 victory against Denmark. 10 points out of 174 scored in total made the point difference between both teams at the end.
1 year ago • 752 views
Best volleyball sets in VNL 2018 Other Volleyball Nations League 2018 Amazing skills presented in 4-minutes movie. Look at impressive ball control. We would like to see this moves during the World Champs. 2018 ;-)
1 year ago • 1344 views
Best actions in VNL 2018 Actions Volleyball Nations League 2018 From May 25 to July 8, 16 teams played a total of 130 matches. FIVB presents amazing actions in Volleyball Nations League.
1 year ago • 468 views
De Cecco with the most spectacular set of the season Actions Champions League 2017/18 Luciano De Cecco played great volleyball in last season. Look at set by sitting. This man is just a spectacular setter! He led Perugia to a breathtaking come-from-behind victory over Lube Banca Macera…
1 year ago • 1379 views
Alexander Butko & Wilfredo Leon amazing action Actions Champions League 2017/18 You can see best setter and wing-spiker of that tournament in action! Zenit Kazan were clearly the dominant side in this fixture, eventually sealing a 3:0 victory (22, 20, 20).
1 year ago • 516 views
The best actions in Plusliga 2017/18 (PART2) Other Plusliga 2017/18 Here is the 2nd part of the film under the title "The best actions in Plusliga 2017/18". There are some actions such players like: Artur Szalpuk, Benjamin Toniutti, Milad Ebadipour, Jakub Kochanowski,…
1 year ago • 1150 views
Bartłomiej Bołądź huge spike (Friedrichshafen - Berlin) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Free spike for Bartłomiej Bołądź when Berlin Recycling Volleys fail to put up a block! 3 240 spectators came to ZF Arena to see the German derby. It’s the first time since 2012 that VfB Friedric…
1 year ago • 1294 views
Srecko Lisinać is an opposite or a setter? Actions Plusliga 2017/18 Srecko Lisinać amazing actions in match against Cuprum Lubin in Plusliga 2017/18. He showed skills as a setter and also attacking from 2nd line - pipe.
1 year ago • 1425 views
Lube Banca Macerata amazing action! Actions Champions League 2017/18 Amazing volleyball skills by three players from Lube Banca Macerata: Jenia Grebennikov, Micah Christenson and Enrico Cester. Knack Roselare and Lube Banca Macerata played their tenth match in the his…
1 year ago • 1361 views
Best net actions in Champions League 2017/18 (4th week) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Take a look at these top actions of Champions League in this weekend. They will for sure get you in the mood for the weekend!
1 year ago • 1108 views
One-hand set compilation Other One-hand sets are simply amazing and the most important they are very precise! Compilation of one hand sets made by Marlon Muraguti, Micah Christenson, Sergey Grankin, William Arjona, Luciano De Cecc…
1 year ago • 964 views
Luciano De Cecco fantastic set (Perugia - Roeselare) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Amazing set of Luciano De Cecco to Aleksandar Atanasijević in match against Knack Roeselare. Another three-point victory for Perugia to cement their leadership in Group A and secure their progression…
1 year ago • 1187 views
Best net actions in Champions League 2017/18 (3rd week) Actions Champions League 2017/18 TOP3 actions collected in one movie. In this movie you will see such great players like: Lanza, Kovacević, Ebadipour, Wlazły, and Zaytsev.
1 year ago • 1388 views
Micah Christenson one-hand set (Macerata - Istanbul) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Trademark of Micah Christenson one-handed set to be finished by Jiri Kovar. Lube is on second place in the current standing of Group A with two wins and 7 points.
2 years ago • 881 views
Milad Ebadipour fantastic set! Actions Champions League 2017/18 Good to see Milad Ebadipour's adapting quickly to the European style and having fun playing with his teammates. Skra could finally celebrate their first victory in the tournament but still have much g…
2 years ago • 1188 views
Dragan Travica amazing set (Sora - Padova) Actions Italian Serie A1 2017/18 Perfect set to Gabriele Nelli (MVP of that game against Sora). Dragan Travica is one of the most deserving players in Kioene Padova. His club is at 6th place in the standings with 29 points and curren…
2 years ago • 882 views
TOP25 Best Actions by Micah Christenson Players Movie about one of the best setter in the world. He has great setting possibilities. You could see some of them in the movie, e.g. one-hand sets, tips and single blocks.
2 years ago • 725 views
TOP10 Actions in Club World Championship 2017/18 Actions Club World Championship 2017/18 Collection of the best volleyball actions in Club World Championship 2017.
2 years ago • 774 views  1
Micah Christenson amazing set (Macerata - Roeselare) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Look at the result. End of the second set in game against Knack Roeselare. Incredibly cold head setter from USA and amazing spike by Jiri Kovar without block!
2 years ago • 721 views
Tine Urnaut set like Ngapeth (Modena - Trentino) Actions Italian Serie A1 2017/18 Tine Urnaut showed set like Earvin N'Gapeth in match against Trentino Volley. You can see this video!
2 years ago • 829 views
Grzegorz Łomacz nice set (Bełchatów - Chaumont) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Now that's the way you deal with a pass that has gone astray! Wonderful quick thinking by Grzegorz Łomacz. He is player of Skra Bełchatów since 2017.
2 years ago • 731 views