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By the end of 2020 we have launched new feature on the website: choosing dream team of the year. Every logged user was able to add his votes for the best players on specific positions. Users were able to choose any of 20441 players from ... Show more

Volleybox 1 week ago 2 1074 562 2 mins read
Volleybox1 week ago 562 2

VakifBank is the first club to implement the usage of next level technology to improve the players' physical performance up to their maximum. It's a very interesting concept and resembles the popular trend in sports to exploit the benefi... Show more

jais 3 weeks ago 0 651 247 2 mins read
jais3 weeks ago 247 0

Despite the COVID pandemic and lack of volleyball matches from March to September, it was the best year in 13 years history of the project. This year we have made the most progress so far. In my opinion there are three pillars of this su... Show more

Volleybox 3 weeks ago 6 1465 1144 9 mins read
Volleybox3 weeks ago 1144 6

During the league match #KnackRoeselare - Tectum Achel (21-11-2020) thousands of pink ducks were placed in the stands. There is still no public allowed during sports competitions in Belgium. That is why it was decided to support a good c... Show more

Gerdy 1 month ago 0 498 131 1 min read
Gerdy1 month ago 131 0

We are glad to tell you that regarding similarweb ranking Volleybox is still on the 6th place in the world among most popular volleyball websites.

Another month in a row we broke the unique users record. 121159 unique users visited Volley... Show more

Volleybox 3 months ago 0 266 168 1 min read
Volleybox3 months ago 168 0

The Belgian Cup qualifying matches (Men and Women) have already been postponed for a month, just like the matches in the national competitions. There is a ban on indoor sports (not for Liga A).

This weekend's matches in Liga A (Men and Wo... Show more

Dorien 3 months ago 2 56 29
Dorien3 months ago 29 2

French Cup is already cancelled due to the new restrictions announced by our president… it will be a difficult season.
EDIT : Well, it is only the men's one. The women's one is not cancelled yet, what a joke of a federation it is.

Pierre Foucault 3 months ago 2 55 31
Pierre Foucault3 months ago 31 2

Very cool to be able to add roster photos for each year ! However, I made a boo-boo and can't figure out how to correct it. Is there a way to update or change a team roster photo?

sitenoise 3 months ago 2 48 32
sitenoise3 months ago 32 2

We have just launched a page listing cases of the COVID-19 in volleyball clubs
Men clubs:
Women clubs:

You can participate in creating that list.

Volleybox 3 months ago 6 64 40
Volleybox3 months ago 40 6

6 players and 2 coaching staff from VERVA Warszawa Orlen Paliwa were tested positive for Covid-19.  Two matches were postponed (vs Stalą Nysa and PGE Skrą Bełchatów). New dates will be set later.

Happy With Volleyball 3 months ago 1 68 43
Happy With Volleyball3 months ago 43 1

The celebrated former volleyball representative of Serbia, Ivan Miljković, became the coach. The first vice president of the Volleyball Association of Serbia, Ivan Miljković, has a new job. He became one of the coaches of the women's vol... Show more

B…8 3 months ago 0 570 546 1 min read
B…83 months ago 546 0

With Slovenian league getting stronger and stronger the Volleyball federation designed a new web platform for all the leagues. The platform includes all the news, team data and information, live scores and - most excitingly - live stream... Show more

jais 3 months ago 5 395 348 1 min read
jais3 months ago 348 5

Anybody knows a good streaming service for today's Italian supercup finals Lube vs Perugia? Would be very grateful. :)

jais 4 months ago 6 76 54
jais4 months ago 54 6

Does anyone know where to watch the italian league matches? Full games

francolinozz 4 months ago 3 38 30
francolinozz4 months ago 30 3

Due to the COVID-19, some matches scheduled for the 1st Round of #ChampionsLeague202021 have been canceled!

  • Erzeni Shijakut - Mladost Zagreb - 22/09/2020 18:00 POOL A (MEN)
  • Mladost Zagreb - Fino Kaposvar VC - 24/09/2020 18:00 POOL A (MEN)
  • M... Show more
Dorien 4 months ago 2 29 20
Dorien4 months ago 20 2

Does anybody know why on whole wide world Ricardo Lucarelli sits on the bench? Is he injured? Or is Michielleto just that much better?

Also what is happening in Perugia, why is Atanasijević on the bench?

I was guessing it's because of the ... Show more

jais 4 months ago 13 56 36
jais4 months ago 36 13

#MiroslavAksentijevicKremic202021  Volleyball club Valjevo will hold the first memorial tournament "Miroslav Aksentijevic - Kremic" on Saturday and Sunday (September 12-13), in memory of the tragically injured coach of the club. our city... Show more

B…8 4 months ago 0 14 10
B…84 months ago 10 0

First step on climbing back on top in volleyball with Rennes :)

Ronan Caroff 4 months ago 3 30 15
Ronan Caroff4 months ago 15 3

We are glad to tell you that Volleybox achieved in August few the best results in the history of the website.

For the first time in our 13-year history we broke the barrier of 100000 unique users in one month. 109362 unique users visited ... Show more

Volleybox 4 months ago 0 483 470 1 min read
Volleybox4 months ago 470 0


CEV Champions League 2021 - Men 1st & 2nd Rounds
CEV Champions League 2021 - Men 4th Round
Dorien 5 months ago 0 23 17
Dorien5 months ago 17 0

#ChampionsLeague202021 Men & Women drawing starts at 12:30PM CEST!

Dorien 5 months ago 1 19 10
Dorien5 months ago 10 1
Obstacle course is a form of training in which an athlete does a certain number of exercises in sequence (on an open field or indoors) in the shortest amount of time as possible. It can be arranged in numerous ways for different purposes... Show more
Tomislav Vojnić 5 months ago 9 21 15
Tomislav Vojnić5 months ago 15 9

Next Friday (21 August) we will find out the draw of the different pools in the #ChampionsLeague2020/21 for Men and Women. To be followed live via CEV Champions League Volley and their Youtube channel.

I am very curious!

Dorien 5 months ago 0 16 10
Dorien5 months ago 10 0
Here is progression and regression (first being the easiest and the last being the hardest) of unilateral bodyweight hip dominant exercises.  Rep progression for each exercise is: 1st week 8 reps (each leg), 2nd week 10 reps, 3rd week 12... Show more
Tomislav Vojnić 5 months ago 5 10 7
Tomislav Vojnić5 months ago 7 5
 Thanks @TiagoPereira for trust my work one more season!
Need a post to announce your next club or for your agency/players? Talk to me €25 per Image - Send me 2/3 good photos and i will produce a design specially for you in a few... Show more
AM Design 5 months ago 0 14 8
AM Design5 months ago 8 0

Any thoughts about replacing chat with microblog?

Volleybox 5 months ago 10 40 30
Volleybox5 months ago 30 10

I just posted an article by US libero, Dustin Watten, on how to become a pro.  If you want some advice - read this.

PanicVB 5 months ago 3 16 13
PanicVB5 months ago 13 3
AM Design6 months ago 22 1

Hello, I looking for a club for the next season. I am interested in the offer Playing + Working , if you interested please private message.

Patryk Walczak 6 months ago 0 16 12
Patryk Walczak6 months ago 12 0

Volleyball might come back in Rennes after all, so cool !

Ronan Caroff 6 months ago 0 21 20
Ronan Caroff6 months ago 20 0

The CEV Board of Administration approved a tentative calendar for the 2021 European Cups, this remains obviously subject to change depending on the evolution of the pandemic across Europe. The Drawing of Lots for all three European Cups ... Show more

Dorien 6 months ago 0 20 18
Dorien6 months ago 18 0

After a few-month absense in 2019, then another few-month regular play in Hungary, Brazilian @RenanSalton signed for 2020-2021 season. He will play for Hungarian Extraliga team, Kecskemét. The team has finished as a runner-up after losin... Show more

Albert Nemes 6 months ago 1 224 218 1 min read
Albert Nemes6 months ago 218 1

RIP Rennes Volley :(

Ronan Caroff 6 months ago 0 19 15
Ronan Caroff6 months ago 15 0

We are glad to tell you that in this week we broke another record on our website. On last Wednesday registered 10,000th user: @ManuelSteiner. Congratulations!

Volleybox was created as on 14th July, 2007. Login system... Show more

Volleybox 6 months ago 3 581 574 3 mins read
Volleybox6 months ago 574 3

Rennes Volley coach is optimistic for the survival of the club, one opposite and two outside hitters are close to joining the club if it gets saved Show more

Ronan Caroff 7 months ago 10 28 24
Ronan Caroff7 months ago 24 10

@Ivan123 FAKE ALERT!

Albert Nemes 7 months ago 1 12 10
Albert Nemes7 months ago 10 1

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