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Wilfredo Leon amazing actions against Netherlands Amazing match of Wilfredo in Polish NT what you can see here. Few aces, huge block on Nimir, some amazing pipes and hard balls.
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Nimir Abdel Aziz monster block (Netherlands-Montenegro) Actions European Championships 2019 Nimir Abdel-Aziz monster single block on one of the Montenegro players in game between Netherlands and Montenegro in EuroVolley 2019.
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Karol Kłos massive single block Actions Plusliga 2018/19 Karol Kłos (Skra Bełchatów/Poland) massive single block in game vs MKS Będzin in Plusliga 2018/2019.
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1 vs 1 blocks in VNL 2019 Other Volleyball Nations League 2019 The 2019 FIVB Volleyball Men's Nations League is the second edition of the FIVB Volleyball Men's Nations League, an annual international men's volleyball tournament contested by 16 national teams.The …
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20 blocks in one game! Actions Bulgarian League 2018/19 Amazing display of tactical and individual skills. You can see 20 kill blocks. The team of Levski Sofia recorded the 13th victory since the start of the season.
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Best blocks in 2nd week of Champions League 2018/19 Actions Champions League 2018/19 Top level of volleyball actions presented by such players like: Adis Lagumdzija (Izmir), Alexey Spiridonov (Kazan) and Adam Kocian (Frankfurt).
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Alexey Spiridonov single block Actions Champions League 2018/19 Alexey Spiridonov came back to Zenit Kazan after 2 years. Despite that win in the second set the Belgians had no chance of winning the match. He scored 14 points with 48% in attack.
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Huge blocks in volleyball Highlights 30 Volleyball Blocks that shocked the world.
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Best volleyball single blocks Highlights Enjoy a true huge blocks from matches in VNL 2018, EuroVolley 2017 and Italian Championship.
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Paul Henning single block Actions Champions League 2018/19 The most spectacular way to make it 2:0 in sets! The young team celebrated another straight win in the Champions League against Posojilnica AICH/DOB.
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Milija Mrdak single block Actions Champions League 2018/19 United Volleys with the better block than Soligorsk! The best scorers of the match were Milija Mrdak and Moritz Karlitzek for German team with 15 points each.
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Best actions in WCH 2018 (2nd round) Actions World Championships 2018 Collection of the best actions in the second round. All teams played their best and volleyball stars showed their power and technique.
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Juraj Zatko single block (Slovakia - Republic of Moldavia) Actions European Championships Qualifications 2019 Setter of Slovakian NT: Juraj Zatko single-handedly stops Moldavian attack. He was awarded as best player of the match. His team won their second match in Nitra in straight sets in front of 1400 spect…
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Alexandre Ferreira single block (Portugal - Austria) Actions European Championships Qualifications 2019 Great work on the net by captain of Portugal NT. He said: "Once again the team has to be congratulated! We executed exactly what we had studied of Austria’s game. They usually serve well and have go…
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Best Blocks in Plusliga 2017/18 Other Plusliga 2017/18 Check the best monster blocks in Plusliga season 2017/2018 made by players like Srecko Lisinać, Mariusz Wlazły, Tomas Rousseaux, Wojciech Włodarczyk and many others. Hope to see more blocks like th…
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Best actions in VNL 2018 Other Volleyball Nations League 2018 Highlights from an unforgettable competition. The inaugural edition of the VNL ended with a great actions! The world's top players showed class and beauty volleyball.
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Best blocks in VNL 2018 (Group Stage) Actions Volleyball Nations League 2018 Enjoy a true actions with the best blocks in Volleyball Nations League 2018.
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Best net actions in Champions League (1/12, 1st match) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Champions League gathers all the best players in the world. The result: fantastic demonstrations of individual and team skills!
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Giannis Takouridis single block (Thessaloniki - Sastamala) Actions Champions League 2017/18 His team concluded the 4th round with a hard-fought victory over Ford Store Levoranta Sastamala in four sets, securing them the 3rd place of Group B ahead of the Finnish side. Giannis Takouridis made …
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Lucas Loh single block (Ankara - Friedrichshafen) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Huge single block by Lucas Loh for Halkbank Ankara against Group B winners - VfB Friedrichshafen. Since the Turkish team had already secured their spot in the play-offs and they have been struggling w…
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Best single blocks in Champions League 2017/18 (group stage) Other Champions League 2017/18 Movie of effective blocks in Champions League group stage 2017/18. For men’s volleyball the block is one of the most important things. The best actions performed by Ivan Zaytsev, Luka Basic, Dick Ko…
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Best net actions in Champions League 2017/18 (5th week) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Best actions on the net by Salvador Hidalgo, Dick Kooy and Milad Ebadipour.
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Barthélémy Chinenyeze single block (Toulouse - Jastrzębie) Actions Champions League 2017/18 The rising star, 19-year-old middle blocker showed his next spectacular action in Champions League 2017/18. Thats why coach of French NT: Laurent Tillie wanted Barthélémy Chinenyeze in 2017.
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Best net actions in Champions League 2017/18 (4th week) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Take a look at these top actions of Champions League in this weekend. They will for sure get you in the mood for the weekend!
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Philipp Collin single block (Fredrichshafen - Thessaloniki) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Philipp Collin showing his opponents from Thessaloniki what a perfect single block is! "ZF Arena" is a fortress that none can capture this season. Team from Germany scored the third victory in a row a…
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Best net actions in Champions League 2017/18 (3rd week) Actions Champions League 2017/18 TOP3 actions collected in one movie. In this movie you will see such great players like: Lanza, Kovacević, Ebadipour, Wlazły, and Zaytsev.
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Ivan Zaytsev huge single block Actions Champions League 2017/18 Monsterblock presented by Ivan Zaytsev! Playing with a heart gave Perugia a point, they won also whole match in the 3rd round of Champions League 2017/18.
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The best blocks in Grand Champions Cup 2017 Other Grand Champions Cup 2017 Compilation of effective blocks made by such players like: Vettori, Sander, Russell, Lucas, Christenson, Mousavi, Chinenyeze and many more.
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Thomas Carmody single block (Sastamala - Friedrichshafen) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Mighty kill block for Thomas Carmody of Sastamala! There was again a nice crowd of spectators (2450) for the second home match of Ford Store Levoranta played in Energia Areena, Vantaa.
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Luigi Randazzo two single blocks Actions Italian Serie A1 2017/18 Two single blocks by Luigi Randazzo on Alessandro Fei. He was the MVP of that game with 19 points, including 3 block. This movie showed why he is one of the best player in Kieone Padova. His team in f…
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