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Volley: huge block by Fernando Hernandez vs Matthew Anderson Actions Italian Serie A1 2019/20 Il grande block vincente di Fernando Hernandez sull'attacco di Matthew Anderson durante la sfida Leo Shoes Modena - Kioene Padova del 20/10/2019. Campionato italiano di pallavolo maschile Superlega C…
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Wilfredo Leon amazing actions against Netherlands Amazing match of Wilfredo in Polish NT what you can see here. Few aces, huge block on Nimir, some amazing pipes and hard balls.
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Nimir Abdel Aziz monster block (Netherlands-Montenegro) Actions European Championships 2019 Nimir Abdel-Aziz monster single block on one of the Montenegro players in game between Netherlands and Montenegro in EuroVolley 2019.
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Giba two blocks in a row (Brazil - Russia) Actions World League 2007 Two kill blocks on high level made by Brazillan wing-spiker: “Giba” in match Brazil – Russia final of FIVB World league 2007. Brazilian players defeated strong Russia 3:1. It is seventh title fo…
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Karol Kłos massive single block Actions Plusliga 2018/19 Karol Kłos (Skra Bełchatów/Poland) massive single block in game vs MKS Będzin in Plusliga 2018/2019.
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1 vs 1 blocks in VNL 2019 Other Volleyball Nations League 2019 The 2019 FIVB Volleyball Men's Nations League is the second edition of the FIVB Volleyball Men's Nations League, an annual international men's volleyball tournament contested by 16 national teams.The …
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John Perrin 4 blocks on Matt Anderson in 4th set Actions Volleyball Nations League 2019 Huge blocks in one set by the same player on the same player ;) Canada made huge surprise and won that game.
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TOP 10 1vs1 blocks in VNL 2018 Other Volleyball Nations League 2018 In the world we have a lot of middle-blockers who have a lot of skills in the block. In Volleball Nations League 2018 we saw some amazing 1vs1 blocks.
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Huge block by Alberto Polo Actions Italian Serie A1 2018/19 Super block by Alberto Polo during the match Kioene Padova vs Itas Trentino. Play off Superlega CredemBanca - Match 3
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Best actions in semi-finals of CEV Cup 2018/19 Actions CEV Cup 2018/19 Galatasaray will be playing against reigning world champions Trentino of Italy, who easily won in the other semi-final with Greece’s Olympiacos Piraeus.
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Monster Volleyball Blocks Other Block is important part of volleyball. Here are a lot of amazing blocks performed by the biggest stars of our game.
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Best blocks in 2nd week of Champions League 2018/19 Actions Champions League 2018/19 Top level of volleyball actions presented by such players like: Adis Lagumdzija (Izmir), Alexey Spiridonov (Kazan) and Adam Kocian (Frankfurt).
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Huge blocks in volleyball Highlights 30 Volleyball Blocks that shocked the world.
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Long rally (Modena Volley - Lube Banca Macerata) Actions Italian Serie A1 2018/19 Beauty of Serie A1! Great rally between two of really strong volleyball clubs in Italy. We see here great digs and huge block by Max Holt.
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Yoandry Leal huge block on Ivan Zaytsev Actions Italian Serie A1 2018/19 First class monster block from Yoandy Leal during the last game against Modena Volley. His team won it 3:2. He scored 4 points in that element.
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Peter Trolle monster block Actions Challenge Cup 2018/19 The Danish Tower Peter Trolle from Gentofte Volley with the huge block against Saaremaa VK. The reigning national champions of Estonia crowned their historic debut in the European Cups with a 3:0 home…
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Best volleyball single blocks Highlights Enjoy a true huge blocks from matches in VNL 2018, EuroVolley 2017 and Italian Championship.
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This Actions Shocked Volleyball [2004 - 2018] Other After Kurek spike in final against Brazil I decide to make this video. We see after years how volleyball has changed :)
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TOP10 Best Actions by Ivan Zaytsev Players Finally I find some time,idea to make a movie, I back with Ivan Zaytsev movie, hope you like it. Watch in HD.
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Jorge Fernandez monster block Actions European Championships Qualifications 2019 Jorge Fernández and Andrés Villena paved the way for Spain to win. The middle blocker recorded five blocks and the opposite 16 points to be the top scorer of the match together with Mathias Loftesne…
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Uroš Kovačević huge block (Serbia - Poland) Actions Volleyball Nations League 2018 Monster block! Look what Serbian receiver - Uroš Kovačević - did during match between Poland and Serbia in the group stage of Volleyball Nations League 2018.
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Long rally (Iran - Japan) Actions Volleyball Nations League 2018 Great display of defense between two great teams, with superb saves just when you thought you'd hear the referee whistle! Iran's captain Mir Saeid Marouflakrani finishes off this fantastic rally with …
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Ivan Zaytsev huge block (Kędzierzyn - Perugia) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Next spectacular video from Kazan! His team to secured their second straight medal in Europe’s elite club competition.
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The best actions in Plusliga 2017/18 (PART2) Other Plusliga 2017/18 Here is the 2nd part of the film under the title "The best actions in Plusliga 2017/18". There are some actions such players like: Artur Szalpuk, Benjamin Toniutti, Milad Ebadipour, Jakub Kochanowski,…
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The best actions in Plusliga 2017/18  (PART1) Actions Plusliga 2017/18 It is a first part of best clips from this season. More actions soon!
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The most epic volleyball blocks in history Other In the world we have a lof of volleyball players who have amazing skills in the block. Here are one of the best blocks in history.
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Best net actions in Champions League (1/6, 1st match) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Being almost able to touch the Final Four has brought out the best in these players! Some great individual and team performances from last night!
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Jan Kozamernik huge block (Macerata - Trentino) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Great blocking power by Jan Kozamernik of Trentino Volley. Wonderful defence by Jenia Grebennikov, but no point for Lube Banca Macerata. It was the fifth match featuring these two teams in the Champi…
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Long rally (Macerata - Bełchatów) Actions Champions League 2017/18 Save after save in this rally! Lube had to win with any result to be sure to reach the play-offs 1/6 phase, after defeating Skra Bełchatów last week in Łódź (3:2). It was three sets game. In the …
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Athanasios Protopsaltis huge block Actions Champions League 2017/18 Huge block by the shortest man on court! ;-) Athanasios Protopsaltis (186cm) kills the Berlin Volleys attack with a perfectly timed interception.
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