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Huge block by Fernando Hernandez on Matthew Anderson Actions Italian Serie A1 2019/20 Il grande block vincente di Fernando Hernandez sull'attacco di Matthew Anderson durante la sfida Leo Shoes Modena - Kioene Padova del 20/10/2019. Campionato italiano di pallavolo maschile Superlega C…
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First Tempo | Gabriel Dimitrov | Episode 2 Players Gabriel Dimitrov is one of the brightest Bulgarian volleyball talents who is going to play in Monza during the incoming season in Italy. What is the history of his career, what are his goals? Find in …
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Volleyball Game of Cat and Mouse Actions European Championships 2019 Deyan Vincic and Uros Kovacevic tried a deception game during the second set in the European Championship 2019 Final. The Slovenian won the situation, but Serbia took the European title. Source: http…
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Volleyball Explained: Blocking Other Blocking is one of the five main elements in volleyball. What are the most important things we shall know about blocking? Enjoy the video! Visit which organized this brilliant c…
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Alexander Butko standing block Actions The Olympics Qualifications 2019 Alexander was in the second line and he wasn't able to jump while blocking.
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Poland National Team blocks in season 2018 Other The best blocks by Poland National Team in season 2018. We can see a lot of details, because this video has good quality.
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Top 30 monster 1vs1 blocks in WC 2018 Other World Championships 2018 Block is important part of volleyball. In this movie we can watch the best 1vs1 blocks in World Championships 2018.
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TOP 10 1vs1 blocks in VNL 2018 Other Volleyball Nations League 2018 In the world we have a lot of middle-blockers who have a lot of skills in the block. In Volleball Nations League 2018 we saw some amazing 1vs1 blocks.
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Huge block by Alberto Polo Actions Italian Serie A1 2018/19 Super block by Alberto Polo during the match Kioene Padova vs Itas Trentino. Play off Superlega CredemBanca - Match 3
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Monster Volleyball Blocks Other Block is important part of volleyball. Here are a lot of amazing blocks performed by the biggest stars of our game.
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The Most Humiliating Plays in Volleyball History Other The Most Humiliating Plays in Volleyball History. Absolutely the best actions who must like every fan around the world.
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Huge blocks in volleyball Highlights 30 Volleyball Blocks that shocked the world.
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Mariusz Wlazły 600th block in Polish League Actions Plusliga 2018/19 The Polish superstar spent all of his career in Skra Bełchatów. Mariusz started playing in the Polish League in 2003. He was MVP of that match against Resovia Rzeszów.
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The Secrets of blocking (middle blockers) Other Without a good block it's not possible to play well in defense as a whole. But what do we need to be a good team in blocking? The quality of the middle blockers is essential. What should we know about…
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Uroš Kovačević huge block (Serbia - Poland) Actions Volleyball Nations League 2018 Monster block! Look what Serbian receiver - Uroš Kovačević - did during match between Poland and Serbia in the group stage of Volleyball Nations League 2018.
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The most epic volleyball blocks in history Other In the world we have a lof of volleyball players who have amazing skills in the block. Here are one of the best blocks in history.
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Milad Ebadipour block on setter trick Actions Plusliga 2017/18 Player of Skra Bełchatów single block on setter from Aluron Zawiercie.
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Vigrass Graham painful block Actions Hubert Wagner Memorial 2017 Vigrass Graham painful block during match against Russia in Wagner Memorial 2017. Hope his finger will be great soon!
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Mauricio Souza in World League 2017 Players World League 2017 Movie from the series "the best of". This one presents style of playing Brazilian player: Mauricio Souza in the World League 2017. His team took 2nd place in the overall final standings of the competi…
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Sebastian Sole amazing block! Actions World League 2017 It takes a lot to stop Lucarelli in full flight, but Sebastian Sole did it all on his own with an incredible block on the Brazilian superstar during set two of Argentina's clash with South American ne…
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TOP 10 Volleyball Blocks Matt Anderson Highlights TOP 10 Volleyball Blocks Matt. Anderson (USA) | Volleyball Highlights Matthew John Anderson (born April 18, 1987) is an American volleyball player, a member of the United States men's national volleyb…
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TOP 10 Best Volleyball Actions by Benjamin Toniutti Players TOP 10 Best Volleyball Actions by Benjamin Toniutti (FRA) Benjamin Toniutti (born 30 October 1989) is a French volleyball player, a member of France men's national volleyball team and Polish club ZAKS…
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Earvin N'Gapeth blocked with his leg Actions Champions League 2016/17 You will definitely want to watch this video! He totally crashed Resovia Rzeszów. His team now face Lube Banca Macreta in an all-Italian battle in the Playoffs 6 in a fortnights time.
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Middle Blockers ● Top 10 Spikes ● Top 10 Blocks Other What is the Middle Blocker? On defense, the Middle Blocker position is the player at the net in the middle of the court between the two outside blockers. The middle blocker strives to be involved in b…
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Huge block by Stephen Maar on Tsvetan Sokolov Actions Italian Serie A1 2016/17 Great block made by middle-blocker of Canadian national team. That was so hard ball sent to Tsvetan Sokolov! This victory was very important for the Lube Banca Macerata. They are on the first place in…
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Long rally (Padova - Modena) Highlights Italian Serie A1 2016/17 Long rally from game between Padova and Modena. There was game between 4th team and 12th team of Serie A. We see here great block by Michele Fedrizzi.
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Top 35 Best Volleyball Blocks 1v1 Other Block Three players performing a block Blocking refers to the actions taken by players standing at the net to stop or alter an opponent's attack. A block that is aimed at completely stopping an atta…
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The Kings Of Block in 2016/2017 Other The Kings Of Block in 2016/2017 The Kings Of Block in 2016/2017 The Kings Of Block in 2016/2017 The Kings Of Block in 2016/2017
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James Shaw block on N'gapeth 180° attack Actions Italian Serie A1 2016/17 Great action during Azmut Modena - Kioene Padova 3-0 played 19/10/2016. James Shaw block on Earvin N'gapeth 180° attack. Italian Volleyball Superleague 2016/17.
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Huge block by Fedrizzi on Zaytsev! Actions Italian Serie A1 2016/17 Super block by Michele Fedrizzi on Ivan Zaytsev the during game: Sir Safety Conad Perugia - Kioene Padova.
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