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Cuba change their sport Policy
Cuba changed their sport policy two days ago. Players will be able to play abroad, the goverment made this official yesterday, unlike like the old times, the players only have to pay the taxes to Cuba a small quantity. I believe the o... Mostrar mais
2013-09-28 14 6510 6501 1 min de leitura
RevanExtasis10 anos atrás 6501 14
Russia Anti-Hero Aleksey "Spyro" Spiridonov
Well guys i know that almost everybody will hate this post even than me, but i think this guy its doing it right except for his provocations, which for me aren´t bad just funny thats all, Spyro have a lot sense of humor that he needs ... Mostrar mais
2013-07-21 1 3525 3520 1 min de leitura
RevanExtasis10 anos atrás 3520 1
I need a polish translator
i who can tell me exactly what is write here http://www.sporto...y-leon-i-diaz-nie-zo
2013-07-19 2 3378 3376 1 min de leitura
RevanExtasis10 anos atrás 3376 2
Well guys as you know, here we have manys good video-makers, but recently i only see full games and that race( video-editors) for me is in danger of extintion, so here is my proposal to this site, make a contest, every month or in whe... Mostrar mais
2013-04-18 10 4222 4222 2 minutos de leitura
RevanExtasis11 anos atrás 4222 10
The Brazil New Leaders by Giba are Bruno and Murilo
Hi everybody after my ban i wanna start a new cycle out of trolling and good themes like for example the still Nº1 by the Fivb Ranking, Brazil.

This after 2012 will suffer a several changes, everybody knows that Bernardo Stays for 4... Mostrar mais
2012-08-17 16 8062 8052 1 min de leitura
RevanExtasis11 anos atrás 8052 16
Bernardo Rezende Continues until 2016
Bernardo Rezende or "Bernardinho" one of the most popular and suceed Volleyball coaches of all times will continues whith the men NT of his country for the next 4 years, the main objective will be win that gold medal in Rio of course,... Mostrar mais
2012-08-15 8 4849 4845 1 min de leitura
RevanExtasis11 anos atrás 4845 8
Sofia & Berlin Last Chance to be in the olympics
Hi Guys tomorrow starts the two last olympics qualification tourmanent which on my point view 4 teams can be qualify for the olympics, can be germany or cuba and bulgaria or France the others for me dont have the level, maybe a litle... Mostrar mais
2012-06-08 18 3696 3696 1 min de leitura
RevanExtasis11 anos atrás 3696 18
Hi everyone i wanna sk why this post dont event creat yet and well this are my prediction:


2012-05-17 17 4978 4976 1 min de leitura
RevanExtasis12 anos atrás 4976 17
The Vigor Bovolenta Fall for the Last time
Hi people today is a tragic day for all volleyball fans, especially for the italians fans the 37 years old midle-blocker and a legend in his national team Vigor Bovolenta dies today in a hospital in macerata after a fall in game pro... Mostrar mais
2012-03-25 22 9302 9287 1 min de leitura
RevanExtasis12 anos atrás 9287 22
Osmany Juantorena is out of Trento
Hi guys i read this from the and well i one of the most thing that i was waiting.Juantorena is out of Trento for the Next season he will play almost certainly in Rusia and well i want to know how can impact this for the ... Mostrar mais
2012-03-12 47 9949 9948 1 min de leitura
RevanExtasis12 anos atrás 9948 47
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