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[12 Sept]

The first round of 16 match began in Gdansk as teams from Tampere, Finland arrived. Russia won against Ukraine after losing the first set of the game. Ukraine was very resilience through out the match, but they were unab... Daha fazla göster

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[5 Sept]

Eurvolley men's game is bubbling as we have a few five set matches on the fourth match day of the game. In Pool A, we have the battle of the Poland Serbia match, where Poland won in the fifth set in overtime. In Pool C, w... Daha fazla göster

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[29 August]

Injuries are plaguing the Russian camp, as Olympics Silver medalist Denis Bodgan and Victor Poletaev are out of Eurovolley. Pavel Teyukhin, son of legendary Sergrey Tetyuhkin and Fedor Voronkov, part of the 2019 World ... Daha fazla göster

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Russian roster to European Championship. 11 Olympians returns.

(Edited on 17/8 16:02)

The Russian volleyball federation posted on Instagram about their 15 men roster to European championships. The roster included 11 of the 12 silver medalist from the Tokyo Olympics, Maxim Mikhailov will not p... Daha fazla göster

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Interesting insight into Russia's VNL roster, Muserskiy listed as Opposite.

Coach Sammelvuo announces 15-men selection for upcoming Volleyball nation league and there are discussion into whether Muserskiy will play as opposite or middle blocker.

Muserskiy is definitely a legend himself, bring home Russia'... Daha fazla göster

2021-05-20 6 3516 2571
John Suen1 yıl önce 2571 6
VNL men roster announced.

The long awaited roster for VNL is available now on VNL 2021 website. A mixture of young and experienced players set to play Rimini in the third edition of Volleyball nation league. The tournament will start on 28 of May with the... Daha fazla göster

2021-05-19 9 9733 6010
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The Russian volleyball association unveiled their roster for men's volleyball for VNL on Instagram. Major stars of the team will participate in the VNL.


Pavel Pankov

Igor Kobzar (C)


Maxim  Mikhaylov

Victor Poletaev

Out... Daha fazla göster

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