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Hi.. I'm an Indonesian Volleyball fan.

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The Indonesian volleyball player Rivan Nurmulki  joins VC Nagano for the 2020/2021 Japan V-League.
3 days ago • Mas Guh Channel • 24 views

@Volleybox  Hi, can I / you dellete all or some my coments that I wrote before? 

Hii.. There is a special player in Indonesia's Proliga, his name is Rivan Nurmulki. If you need a good player like him, you can find and contact him, search him on volleybox.net then you'll find his instagram account on there for business. May be you can reduce your foreign player cost in your club by a special player like him..

@Volleybox  please edit the 2011  Indonesia Men's Proliga for Jakarta BNI , it was 7th place not 6th. thanks.. How to edit it? Can I ?

@Volleybox  oh.. okey. and thanks for the information

@Volleybox  hi.. please create like what I send before, for Indonesian Men's Proliga 2013 

@Volleybox hi.. please create one more place for a club in Indonesia Proliga 2013 , there were actually 7 clubs not just 6 clubs.

@Volleybox  please edit the 2005/2006 Asia Men's club championship, it was Jakarta BNI not Jakarta Pertamina. 

source : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Asian_Men%27s_Club_Volleyball_Championship

Hi.. for administrator, please edit the 2005/2006 Asian club championship, it was Jakarta BNI , not Jakarta Pertamina

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