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Poor reception, no power attack at all? 85% of your spikes are in the line, clever because it's an open spot. But if i would play against you i just would change my position to the line and you wouldn't maken any points.. Weak opponents for shure.. Continue?
Still poor volley level..
and 238cm net? impossible.. what is this, a self made competition. If you play in a club net heigt is always 243..
Did not know that the Egyptian volley level is this low..
Lennik maybe not starting the new season, financial problems... It's over with volleyball guys, finito.. So if they will quit, many transfers will follow. Overbeeke (NED) already signed contract with Italian Serie 2 team
Lars Lorsheijd (NED) from Tourcoing to Noliko Maaseik for 3 seasons
Nikola Mijaelović (SERBIA) from Partizan Termoelektro to Menen
Ognjen Duduj (SERBIA) from no club to Menen
Radek Motys from Ceske Budejovice to Menen
Mark Plotyczer from St-Brieuc to Menen


Brian Schouren from Menen to Asse-Lennik as new opposite


Yes that's true
Brian Schouren from Menen to Asse-Lennik as new opposite

Elvis Contreras 6 years ago 0
Give him a little space in the line and he scores, but the setter will be the most important thing for this player, on quick balls he has enough heigth to finish it, he can hit where he wants, but when a good two player block is in front of him and the line closed, his possibilities are a lot less... Not super transfer BASED ON THIS VIDEO
without a better opposite and better middle-blocker, Maaseik won't be as strong as previous years..
Sam Deroo is from Knack Roeselare, not from Maaseik
Sam Deroo 6 years ago 0
Westphal from Lennik to Roeselare


And Yves Kruyner (BEL) from Martigues to Lennik
Yes true, My fault, it's LATINA not VALENTIA. Sorry for that chrison!

Pieter Verhees (Maaseik) to Vibo Valentina for 2 years
casamodena old news
Where does he play?

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