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I think tha Iraklis Thessaloniki claims the final 4...(according to Iraklis' managers..)
Do not underestimate Iraklis Thessaloniki....WE ARE BACK!
Do not underestimate Iraklis Thessaloniki....WE ARE BACK!
Thanks again Raylight!!
Quadruple Block 7 years ago +1
WTF????and no one complained!!
There is a rummor saing that Marcel Gromadowski left Iraklis Thessaloniki because there are some other problems and not because he was unready to play..Does anyone know smth about that?
@mitsosboco....Henno re mitso oxi asteia!!!ena libero pou 8a eprepe na pai3ei kapoia stigmi ston irakli
Very nice....To tell you the truth in greece the league doesn't have money to make a trailer
Sergey Baranov vs Poland 7 years ago 0
Baranov the famous ponytail
Yugoslavia - Russia 7 years ago +2
Oh God!!!Sergei Tetyukhin before 12 years!!!!!!cool
Greek block????(you can laugh now....)
@raylight You are the best uploader and that "YouTube" can't stop you!
report them
Well he's dominating....One of the best!!!
I don't know what's happening to iraklis but one more player signed in after Ansis Medenis!The m.b. Viktors Korzenevics!W T F now the team has 5 m.b's (!!!!!!).Maybe Andrej Kravarik will play as opposite...who knows!
@ Kk15 All these players signed in Panathinaikos!Saraceni will be playing in Al Araby until 15 October and then he'll come in Greece
Ouch that's gotta hurt!But never give up!
The start of volleyleague has been extended since 15th of October because of some economical problems :s Lets pray tol have a safe league!
12 teams participate in volleyleague

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