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what a greet game
cool minded setter is the best.
Lloy Ball (3rd movie) 6 years ago +1
ball is amezing setter
Italy with two Libero 6 years ago 0
is it real....?
my all time fevrite player.
Russia have alot of hights and telant.
good players.
so sad to Cuba lost.Bulgaria to London. ok
Today is time to fly London. Bulgaria Germany
joachim7: why do you call me spammer? i am a watcher of videos only do u call it spammer hamm. this is not the right way you chosen. wilfredo is a spammer and i think u r too. i am a player of VB then u, ok. if you have any problem tell me on my on my profile.
cuba and france on top.
Program to create movies 6 years ago 0
what is a good flv canverter or flv cutter.?
speed is not too much. the right darection
good strong player for volleyball
clip from points 3=>4, 13=>14=>15, 23=>24=>25 not in a row.
Clayton Stanley block 6 years ago 0
blocking by single men is more intresting then duble.
Clayton Stanley block 6 years ago 0
stanley early read the body lunguge of murilo.
a good midle blocker. volkov is not a spiker of the ball.
Wilfredo Leon huge block 6 years ago 0
wow copy of privce one i see.
giba tink i am free at net. wilferdo not move so mach only up hands on his way.
say someting about volleyball action not on the move.