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@volleyballmovies could u corretc a wrong transfer that I made it? The middle-blocker Joao Vitor Concordia da Silva Santos won't play in Juiz de Fora. He will play in Anápolis Vôlei.
@volleyballmovies please insert in Brazilian Superliga 2018/2019 the team São Judas Voleibol, now São Bernardo called São Judas. I've created a page from them in this site, but I couldn't included on the tournment.
@volleyballmovies the player Najari Carvalho will play in Club Voleibol Melilla on the next season. Accept the transfer. He won't play in Blumenau. He'd already played, now he'll play in Spain.
@volleyballmovies the brazilian opositte Gabriel Cândido will be borrowed from Sada to Lavras. It's a new partnership between these two teams, likewise Cruzeiro and JF Vôlei until last season.