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Nationality Bahrain
Position Outside Hitter
Birthdate 1993-03-08
Height 175cm
Weight 75kg
Spike 350cm
Block 315cm
Dominant hand Right
Views 714
Last login date 9 months ago
Added by fadhel abbas

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The ball went so fast that it was ivisible
Best team: argentina
Best team: clippers
best player:blake griffin
best player:Novak Djokovic
Leonel Marshall is the first Wing-spiker scored that much of point
After ten years, the same action is happen again
Michael Sánchez
Cuba - Brazil (short cut) 6 years ago +1
4:26 leonel marshall high-reach spike
Very attractive team to watch
Now I think Sokolov Best opposites in the World
its weak compared the other league like Polish league but
he is the strongest league in gulf
In my opinion
Videos you'd like to see 7 years ago 0
Joandry Leal Hidalgo 7 years ago 0
name of the song tyba aim
bahrain: افلام الكرة طائرة
Good job ray
Hristo Zlatanov - Charisma , Intelligent , Power
well done
Best servers in 2008-2012 8 years ago +1
Angel Dennis ??
Gavin Schmitt
Transmission is very strong
Fantastic performance by Sokolov

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