Create match diary with Volleybox

Create match diary with Volleybox

Volleybox 2019-11-14 • 184 views

Starting from now you can create your own match diary with Volleybox!

You can list all matches which you saw live on the hall. To do so go to your profile and open "Matches" tab. Then click on "Add match" button. Find existing match or add new one.

You can also find specific match in the matches page or specific tournament page. Then just click on "I will be there / I was there" link. You will be added to the list of fans who will watch that game live.

Thanks to that you will be able to find a Volleybox users on the hall or discuss some details after the match with users who also was on that match.

We also created a page (called "Fans on matches") which lists all informations about participation on matches by our users.

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