[Fixed] Only beach results shown in player rankings for indoor & beach players

2021-01-02 • 136 views • 1 replies

After recent developments, we can see the details of the players' points in the ranking page but there is a little problem. For players who play both indoor and beach volleyball, only the beach points details are shown in both indoor and beach rankings. They ranked according to their indoor points in the indoor ranking but when you click to player to see the details, their beach tournament results are showing up in the window.

Men Volleybox Rankings
Women Volleybox Rankings

For those players, their indoor results & awards should appear when we are in the Men/Women Volleybox rankings and their beach results & (hopefully) awards should appear when we are in the Beach Volleybox rankings.

Volleybox 451
1 month ago

You're right. It have been fixed.

Thank you @pedeshtrian 👍🏼

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