[Fixed] Please, can we fix "Best Player" awards

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2019-07-23 • 3720 views • 2 replies

2019 FIVB Volleyball Women´s U20 World Championship Dream Team:

Best Setter: Tsukasa Nakagawa (Japan)

Best Outside Hitters: Haruna Soga (Japan) and Mayu Ishikawa (Japan)

Best Middle Blockers: Yulia Brovkina (Russia) and Merve Atlier (Turkey)

Best Opposite: Ruth Terry Enweonwu (Italy)

Best Libero: Feifan Ni (China)


Maybe it's that in different parts of the world things mean different things, like:

"Best Receiver" is understood as "Best Outside Hitter" and "Spiker" is understood as "Opposite". 

But there are so many Awards on this site where, because of the restriction on how many "Best Spikers" you can input, some "Outside Hitters" who are hidden from reception in real life because they couldn't receive a serve if their life depended on it, are given the "Best Receiver" Award here. That's Bullshit!

And/Or maybe some folks just look at statistics for a tournament and input those here. That's halfway cool when there are actually no awards given for a category like "Best Digger".

But, come on. If you actually WIN the given Tournament Award for "Best Outside Hitter" you shouldn't be buried here as "Best Receiver". That's an award that may be best served by inputting it from the Tournament Statistics.

Ideally, we might consider TWO separate categories:

Award Winners & Best Players

The former for the Awards actually given, and the latter for Statistical Winners.

Different Continental and International Tournaments give different sets of Awards. Maybe the best option is to remove (or enlarge) the numbers allowed to be input. 


ps - I really don't understand the labels used here when adding a player (Spiker, Universal, Wing Spiker), but that's a separate, related discussion.


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[Fixed] Please, can we fix "Best Player" awards
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4 years ago
Ok, I see the problem. I will think about solution.
Volleybox 440
4 years ago
Issue have been fixed. Thanks for reporting it.