Several website's records broken in August 2020

Several website's records broken in August 2020

Volleybox 2020-09-01 • 1349 views

We are glad to tell you that Volleybox achieved in August few the best results in the history of the website.

For the first time in our 13-year history we broke the barrier of 100000 unique users in one month. 109362 unique users visited Volleybox in August.

Most unique users on Volleybox in one month:

1.August 2020109362 unique users
2.May 202094769 unique users
3.July 202094645 unique users

We also broke the record of users registered on the website in one month:

1.August 2020469 registered users
2.April 2020466 registered users
3.May 2020450 registered users

The most users logged to the website in August:

1.August 20201357 logged users
2.June 20201241 logged users
3.May 20201194 logged users

Your activity on the microblog (previously called volleyball chat) was the best in the history, you wrote 273 messages.

Regarding to the similarweb Volleybox is the 5th most popular website about volleyball in the world:

Alexa rank also confirms our great improvement in few last months:

Thank you to everyone responsible for this success, especially for our great moderators who do backend work that is not noticed by others.

If you are wonder what are our plans for the future you can check our backlog.

We hope that together we can become the most popular volleyball website in the world.



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