There is no money, players. The board is silent SKS Hajnówka

There is no money, players. The board is silent

Kacper 2017-07-24 • 2483 views

The team is not present and has been entered for the competition - says coach SKS Hajnówka, Paweł Blomberg.

The Polish Volleyball Federation has provided preliminary schedules for the first and second leagues. Two teams from Podlaskie Voivodship: Ślepsk Suwałki and SKS Hajnówka are to be present in the backstage. This first club has already practically completed staff and preparations will begin on July 31st. On the other hand, it is difficult to get any information about the team from Hajnowka. Earlier, there were voices saying that the team would not join the competition due to lack of financial security.

- The situation is heavy. Final deadlines for the decision have been postponed a few times - said late in June SKS trainer Hajnówka Paweł Blomberg, who last season led the team to sixth place in the league. This is the second best result of the Hajnowka club in history. It should be added that this was a result of over condition, because the coach at the end of the season had only ten players, and throughout the game had only one player to play. Missed the second coach, statistics, massage therapist. "Looking at how we looked at the other teams, we really achieved something big," Blomberg said. - But when other teams came to us, the staff often had five people in their staff. I was alone with ten boys. Other coaches from Poland could not marvel as we did such a result. Now Blomberg can not call anybody from the club management. Our attempts to contact the SKS authorities Hajnowka did not go well. "Nobody talked to me, nobody answered the phone," says the trainer. - I was a little surprised that the club is included in the schedule. The team does not have, but has been nominated for the competition. In Hajnówka I still have my stuff. Maybe if I come I'll find out more.

If a team competes in a tournament it will have to be built practically from the beginning. Most of the volleyball players already have new clubs. Cezary Sapinski moved to Ślepsek, Łukasz Faryna to the extraordinary MKS Będzin, Piotr Milewski to Hurricane Międzyrzec Podlaski, Radosław Sterna to BAS Bialystok. - Bialystok is probably also libero Tomasz Kuś. Mateusz Bogus, Przemysław Gniewek, Daniel Saczko are looking for clubs - says Blomberg. - If we had to play in the competition it would be very difficult to build a team.



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