French Volleybox is live now!

French Volleybox is live now!

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Today @slintyen finished his incredible 6-days run and now Volleybox in French language is available ??. He translated almost 14000 words. Also @Sherlock helped us with that enormous job by translating ~1500 words. @Tonton_Bastos also made his contribution in that task (500 words). Thank you guys! ?

If you will find some mistakes in French version, please report them on the comment section below this news or add your suggestion directly to the text in the Crowdin tool.

Result of first translations

The main purpose of translating a website was SEO. Google strongly promotes content in the user's language. Look at the charts below that confirm it.

Clicks and impressions of Volleybox in Google by users from Poland (Polish Volleybox was launched mid-April)


Clicks and impressions of Volleybox in Google by users from Netherlands (Dutch Volleybox was launched on 20th May)

Progress in other languages

32-person team works under other language versions of #Volleyboxnet in the Crowdin.

If you would like to join them and help us in translations, sign up on Crowdin: 


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Vitalii LatyshUA 81 11
2 anni fa

@Volleybox would be great to add Ukrainian. How to add it?

VolleyboxAuthor 440
2 anni fa

@VitaliiLatysh it's ready now.

S…k 717 16
2 anni fa

Incredible job @slintyen you were so fast I didn't even have the time to translate much ?