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Hi everyone, Welcome to my profile! I am near volleyball since 2009. Living in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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Steps:Open the teamGo to RoastersAdd players and jersey no.Wait for admin approveActual: Jersey no. disappeared Expected: Shouldn't
Vitalii Latysh 1 107 107 1 min read 2020-10-03
Vitalii Latysh3 weeks ago 107 1
Case: user want to set up the score for the matchClick on dropdownSelect the number of setsTap „Done“ buttonSuggestion is to change the score for each team immediately by tapping on the number of sets. Tap on 0 → The number changed to 1 ... Show more
Vitalii Latysh 0 95 95 1 min read 2020-09-29
Vitalii Latysh3 weeks ago 95 0
Note: Reproduced on iOS 13.7+ 
Vitalii Latysh 0 88 88 1 min read 2020-09-29
Vitalii Latysh4 weeks ago 88 0
Steps:Go to the NewsSwipe down to the “Show all” buttonTap on itActual: Returned back to the top of newsExpected: No returning, new items should be loaded immediately and you can continue scrolling new ones instead of starting from the top again. 
Vitalii Latysh 3 150 150 1 min read 2020-09-29
Vitalii Latysh4 weeks ago 150 3
Expected: the text should be fully visible horizontallyReproduced on iOS 13.7
Vitalii Latysh 0 101 101 1 min read 2020-09-28
Vitalii Latysh4 weeks ago 101 0
Compilation of Bryan Bagunas SEA Games 2019 Highlights. Bryan Bagunas scored the last point and the game-winning hit for Philippines against the defending champions Thailand and advanced to the gold medal match. Thanks for Watching!!!
Vitalii Latysh 0 50 50 2020-09-27
Vitalii Latysh4 weeks ago 50 0
Steps:Add playerTry to add a photoActual: Looks different from adding the photo from the created profileExpected: Should look the same as you adding it from the created profile
Vitalii Latysh 0 73 73 1 min read 2020-09-27
Vitalii Latysh4 weeks ago 73 0
Case: The player finished his/her volleyball player career → Became a coach/coach assistant/statistician etc.Want to add the former player as a coach/coach assistant/statistician etc. team staff.Actual result: there is no ability to add ... Show more
Vitalii Latysh 4 102 102 1 min read 2020-09-27
Vitalii Latysh4 weeks ago 102 4
On iPhone, iOS 13+Open 2+ applications on your device (e.g. Facebook and Vollebox pwa)Go to Volleybox pwa and hit the main menuSwitch to any appSwitch back to Volleybox pwaTry hit the menu againActual result: The menu didn’t openExpected: Should
Vitalii Latysh 1 246 246 1 min read 2020-08-27
Vitalii Latysh2 months ago 246 1
Done deals - Verified = Confirmed = Really happendDone deals - Not verified = Not confirmed = RumorSeems like Rumors is out of date after adding 'Verified', 'Not verified' in Done deals sectionSo, the suggestion is to remove this section.
Vitalii Latysh 6 228 228 1 min read 2020-08-09
Vitalii Latysh2 months ago 228 6
There are a lot of links that people posted in microblog but all links are just simple text. Would be great if links present as links and a user can easily follow it instead of copy-paste
Vitalii Latysh 5 301 301 1 min read 2020-08-09
Vitalii Latysh2 months ago 301 5
Go to TransfersCheck badge numbers3. Select country e.g. Poland4. Check the numbers for Done deals & Not verifiedActual result: The badge numbers aren't correlated to the selected countryExpected: The badge numbers should correlate to th... Show more
Vitalii Latysh 1 147 147 1 min read 2020-08-08
Vitalii Latysh2 months ago 147 1
Go to Predictions menuCheck the columns 'Your score', 'Your position' Expected result: Would be great if the user has an ability to sort by this column
Vitalii Latysh 0 99 99 1 min read 2020-08-08
Vitalii Latysh2 months ago 99 0
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