Quick news: Day 6 of European championships, France won against Germany, but a complete meltdown in the second set!

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[7 Sept]

Day 6 of European Championship, more teams have qualified into the final round of the games. Team Serbia, Italy and France won 3 games after day 6 and lock their chances of qualifying into the Round of 16. The match to watch yesterday was France verse a young German team. The young German team was able to push France to their limits, strong serve early on in the second set has led to a complete meltdown of France reception line. Both Linus Weber and Moritz Karlitzek have 4 aces each in the game. The Netherlands beats Turkey in a tight 4 set game. Nimir Abdel- Aziz scored 34 points alone for the Netherlands to claimed the top spot for the Netherlands currently.

France won against Germany but they showed signs of nerves and fatigue after a complete meltdown in the second set after two overpass to Germany. Bernardinho mentioned earlier in a post match interview in the first game that the team is mentally tired after a long national team season, from VNL to the a tough journey in the Olympics and now the European Championship. France clearly was able to rebound after a completely disastrous second set, 25 to 22 in both set 3 and set 4. Germany's young spikers Mortiz Karlitzek and Linus Weber definitely played a very great match against France,  both player scored double digit and scored 47 out of the 65 points won by Germany and they both scored 4 aces each. Linus Weber was the best scorer of the match, scored 27 points with 22 attacks at 30.4 percent attack efficiency with 4 ace and 1 blocked. France will need to  stay focus and improved their reception stability through out the tournament.


The Netherlands beat Turkey in a very tight match. Although Turkey played a much more balanced attack, they still couldn't slow Nimir Abdel- Aziz enough to stop the 29 year old opposite to take the win. Nimir scored 34 points with 27 attack with 40.8 percent attack efficiency, 3 blocks and 4 ace.

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