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JVC San Lorenzo

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Puerto Rico
San Lorenzo
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Menna Tarek in Volleyball microblog 1
1 month ago

#JVCSanLorenzo My friend did a tournament promo for Jose Lugo. a Part of Jinete Gaming. This man took his 7 hours of work on this promo and refused to give him his money. He claimed he has issues with his PayPal and said he will send them from another friend's account. He proceeded to block him when he asked him multiple times, making him a complete scam and throwing away all the hard work that my friend put in this project. I will not rest until I show people  how much this man's a scumbag and a complete as*hole through twitter, twitch, YouTube, and every social media he's on so he doesn't proceed to scam other people as he did to my friend. I will go on all his streams and will do everything I can to expose this scammer. Completely unfair to work and sit hours and hours for a project and then the client keeps staling and avoids you and then blocks you for simply asking for your money! Unbelievable. Screw this and screw anyone who scams rising video editors.

Omar Alaadin in Volleyball microblog 1
1 month ago

#JVCSanLorenzo Este club contrata a los estafadores uno de ellos llamado José Lugo Cruz. Tener cuidado.

Cry Baby in Volleyball microblog 1
1 month ago

#JVCSanLorenzo  No recomiendo este club porque un hombre llamado José Lugo Cruz tiene una actitud realmente mala y estafa a la gente en línea. Por favor tenga cuidado

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