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rexvolley2 days ago 1438 0
Vettori is in and surprisingly Lanza got cut. Blengini also chose Colaci, who's most probably playing his last Olympic games, over Balaso. So overall, 6 former Olympians make their return to the lineup.
2 weeks ago 2 785 253
James_Adrian2 weeks ago 253 2

Yo, right now in the match between Argentina and Serbia Uroš Kovačević got injured in 2nd set. It seems like he injured the left side of his body. He was really frustrated when he got injured. 

To me it was really odd, that Serbia played ... Show more

3 weeks ago 5 2407 1497 1 min read
jais3 weeks ago 1497 5
Marko Peros1 month ago 86 0

(18 June 2021) 

French volleyball federation has just announced the official 12 man roster for France men volleyball team to Tokyo Olympics. 6 of the 12 man returned from Rio Olympics, including,  Jenia Grebennikov, Benjamin Toniutti, Kev... Show more

1 month ago 5 2090 796 1 min read
John Suen1 month ago 796 5

(17 June 2021) 

According to French volleyball federation (FFVB), Lyneel will leave VNL and not participate in Tokyo Olympics. Lyneel and the coaching staff along with head coach Laurent Tillie, he will not be participating VNL and Olympi... Show more

1 month ago 9 863 310 1 min read
John Suen1 month ago 310 9

USA volleyball announced their Tokyo Olympics men's volleyball 12 man roster with 8 alternates. 8 of 12 of Rio squad return to another Olympics in the coming summer.

12 man roster:


Micah ChristensonKawika Shoji

Outside hitter:

Thomas... Show more
1 month ago 3 1251 501 1 min read
John Suen1 month ago 501 3
Haris Alam1 month ago 530 0

Two of Volleybox users did a great job by translating our project into German language 🇩🇪. At the beggining @MaikeW translated almost half of the texts and then our linguist @slintyen got to work and finished her job.

You did amazing job ... Show more

1 month ago 0 1207 408 1 min read
Volleybox1 month ago 408 0

Today @slintyen finished his incredible 6-days run and now Volleybox in French language is available 🇫🇷. He translated almost 14000 words. Also @Sherlock helped us with that enormous job by translating ~1500 words. @Tonton_Bastos also ma... Show more

1 month ago 3 970 480 2 mins read
Volleybox1 month ago 480 3


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