Russia (World League and European Games)

2015-07-12 13:18
Youth Team Russia became stronger. In place of the old structure comes promising players. Highlights of World League and European Games. Great team with such players like: Pavel Moroz, Igor Kobzar, Ilia Vlasov and Victor Poletaev. Russia finished on the 8th place in the World League. They took 3rd place in the European Games in Baku. Title of song: One Bit - Won't Hold Back (DISKORD Remix) 1489 views
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Black_Magic ES 3 years ago
It may be well to see some of these youngsters -i.e. Kobzar, Poletaev, Vlasov, Kovalev or Kliuka- playing at the Russia national team as soon as possible. They all are very talented players, with immensely outstanding skills, great spirit... Personally speaking, they do not seem to be worse than Antipkin, Kolodinsky, Volvich, Smolyar, Savin and so on. With these young men, the core of the experienced players -Sivozhelez, Grankin, Muserskiy, Mikhaylov, Obmochaev and Verbov- and Alekno, Team Russia can capture gold at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

P.S.: Nice video. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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hen CL 3 years ago
Young team is amazing. Poor french libero.
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 3 years ago
Young team is better. They could even do better in World League than the Russia A team! The B Team should have been sent to world league and vice versa!!


Sneak Abakan, Russia

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