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Amazing movie!
Great job!
awesome movie !!!
She's great player!
Wow! Great movie!
Good job!
I like this match!
One of my favourite
Very good player!
I like him!
Good movie!
Very good highlights
Fantastic movie!
Great video!
it was amazing!
'real bombs'
He's amazing player
This is terrible, poor girl!
Italy with two Libero 6 years ago 0
Poland 2011 (7th movie) 6 years ago +1
It is your movie?
Is this film won in the competition on ?
Good movie
Amazing movie!
Good job!
I believe that Poland will win the Olympic Games
Delecta Bydgoszcz 2011/12 6 years ago +1
delecta played very good in last season
good movie
wow Amazing blocks!
Kurek's and Kubiak's service was better
TVN has prepared a great material

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