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Artur Szalpuk will play in VERVA Warszawa ORLEN Paliwa next season. I think VERVA Warszawa needs great foreigner opposite spiker for medal of PL & CL, because Ziobrowski and Superlak are too weak to achieve the goal.

It's the result of Korean V-league's draft.

1. KB Stars: Noumory Keita

2. Samsung: Bartosz Krzysiek

3. Wooricard: Alexandre Ferreira

4. Korean Air: Andres Villena

5. KEPCO: Kyle Russell

6. OK SavingBank: Michal Filip

7. Hyundai: Daudi Okello

@DmitriyBerezin Only drafts without test will be held in Korea on May 15.

Korea volleyball Federation(KOVO) officially announced a list of tryout participants.


Alexandre Ferreira will maybe play in Korean V-league next season, because he applied for KOVO's draft in which selecting foreign players.



Also, Dawid Konarski and Arpad Baroti applied for KOVO's draft. This can be confirmed through the radio broadcast on the link below.

http://www.podbbang.com/ch/1769329  (81화 EP1. 0:30:00~)

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It's a good analysis. I can't understand Kazan's choice to have recruited Sokolov. Mikhaylov plays badly in the position of wing spiker as explained in the video.

Daudi Okello is not 1st African men player who plays in Korean V-league, because Moroccans Mohamed Al Hachdadi played in Korean V-league 2016-17 season belonging to OK SavingBank. 

KB Stars officially announced the replacement of foreign player from Michael Sanchez to Bram Van den Dries on Oct. 10.

Bram Van den Dries transfers to KB Stars in Korean V-League to replace for Michael Sanchez who suffered shoulder injury.

Liberman Agamez terminated contract with woori card because of back injury. Substitutes for Agamez include Felipe bandero (Brazil) and Bram Van den Dries(Belgium), who have the Korean V-league experiences.
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Artur Udrys and Bram Van den Dries will maybe play in ONICO Warszawa for replacing Kurek next season.
Bartosz Kurek eventually did not prolong the contract with ONICO Warszawa.
@Zdradek: If Kurek stays, I think ONICO will be a strong candidate for the Polish Championship next season.

https://sports.news.naver.com/volleyball/news/read.nhn?oid=472&aid=0000016986 It's Korean V-league's tryout result. 

1. Gavin Schmitt (KEPCO)
2. Leo Andrić (OK savings bank)
3. Michael Sanchez (KB Stars)
4. Andres Villena (Korean Air)
5. Liberman Agamez (Wooricard, renewed)
6. Joseph Norman (Samsung)
7. Yosvany Hernandez (Hyundai capital)

http://dal15al25.gazzetta.it/2019/05/08/mercato-live-deroo-verso-la-cina/ According to GIan Luca Pasini, Sam Deroo received a fascinating offer from Shanghai. Deroo is going to play for ZAKSA next season, but I wonder if he will break the contract with ZAKSA and go for China.
Liberman Agamez renewed contract with Wooricard Wibee in Korean V-league.
Thijs ter Horst who didn't appear tryout place because of national team duty became free agent player.
https://sports.news.naver.com/volleyball/news/read.nhn?oid=001&aid=0010760114 Yung-Suk Shin, who is Korean best middle blocker stays at Hyundai Skywalkers with annual salary of $ 527,000 (600 million won).
Korean outside spiker Ji-Seok Jung extended his contract with Korean Air Jumbos. His annual salary is $ 510,000 (580 million won).

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