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Yung-Suk Shin, who is Korean best middle blocker stays at Hyundai Skywalkers with annual salary of $ 527,000 (600 million won).
Korean outside spiker Ji-Seok Jung extended his contract with Korean Air Jumbos. His annual salary is $ 510,000 (580 million won).
This is participants list of KOVO's tryout for 2019/20 season.
Krisztian Padar will move to Fakel Novy Urengoy in Russia.
Wow!! Kurek is monster. I hope that Kurek stays in Onico Warszawa next season.
Sergey Grankin terminated the contract with Dynamo Moscow, and it may be replaced by Łukasz Żygadło.
Expected stating line-up Setter: Raydel Hierrezuelo Opposite: Fernando Hernandez Middle: Robertlandy Simon, Isbel Mesa Who are suitable for position of outside hitters and libero ?
Kurek is the ace and the most eminent player in Stocznia Szczecin. I'm so sad because Bartek's departure means actual collapse of the project.
I'm sorry to hear this news as a fan of Plusliga. I hope that Stocznia will get sponsors and survive.
Alex Ferreira leave Korea because of Abdominal injuries. Brazilian Felipe Bandero replace for Alex as a foreign player of KB Stars.
In other words, Felipe Bandero will play in Korean V-League 2018-19 season. It's official.
Why is there no game of the CEV Champions League ? Are you planning to start the game from the 4th round (=group stage) ?
Simon Hirsch has not adapted to the Korean hard-training, so he was conflicted with team's head coach about training style. Also, Hirsch's performance in practice matches against Japaneses clubs was too bad.
Simon Hirch was released from KEPCO Vixtorm. Artem Sushko will replace for Hirsh and play in Korean V-league 2018/19.
The below is Korean official news.
Stocznia Szczecin 2018/19 8 months ago +2
The line up of Stocznia Szczecin is excellent enough to challenge the Plus Liga's medal. However, there is no middle blocker that deserves to play as starting member in the team excepting for Van de Voorde. Do the team have any plans for recruiting outstanding middle blocker? If not, wouldn't it be a good idea to move position of Kluth who is a 210cm attacker?
Dmitry Muserskiy will play in Osaka club in the upcoming season. However, the club is not Sakai Blazers but Suntory Sunbirds which is also based in Osaka. Foreign player of Sakai Blazers is Nikola Gjorgiev. Please correct!!
@Kjeldhor: http://sadacruzeiro.com.br/nota-sada-cruzeiro-aciona-na-justica-o-time-italiano-lube-e-o-central-simon/
This article contains Sada Cruzeiro's official opinion for Simon. Please translate it into English or your language and read it.
French middle blocker Kevin Le Roux was formally hired by SADA Cruzeiro for replacing Simon.
Wow!! Living legend Matey Kaziyski will play in Plusliga next season. His team is Stocznia Szczecin.
Japanese star Yanagida will play for Cuprum Lubin next season. I think it is very interesting transfer.
Simon to Lube and Mosavi to Stocznia are not official yet. Why was that accepted?
Luigi Randazzo is apparently player of Kioene Padova in 2018/19 season because Padova renewed loan contract for Randazzo from Lube. Thus, information of Radazzo's transfer in the list must be deleted.

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