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Well, there are many factors which make a team weak or glorious. I don't avoid my NT mistakes, I just said that we have beat strong teams in real tournaments, not only in friendly matches. And if you have watched the matches with Germany carefully, you would've noticed that we had lots of troubles then and besides Germany played really well.
No,Raven, you are wrong! In 2006 we beat Serbia and took the bronze, didn't we? So THIS wasn't a friendly game whatsoever. Don't talk such things because you are the one who sounds childish.
That's the spirit of a real volleyball fighter!
Revan, try and be a bit politer, will you? Nobody wants you to like Kaziyski but you should respect him at least for what he's achieved. You sound childish you know.
Bulgaria 2011 7 years ago +3
I believe so much in our team, I know they can reach the top!
Hah, qwertyuiop, you're not being serios, are you?
Bartosz Kurek amazing dig 7 years ago +1
Tribute should be payed to the libero too, he almost lost balance when he passed the ball. Both Igla and Kurek did well.
Yes, raylight, I meant precisely what you wrote. When a player has doubts he is more likely to make mistakes.
Yeah, proud, that's exactly my point. If all players get the chance to play and gain the confidence and practice needed, they will play even better when the NT starts training sessions again.
Come on guys- Bartosz Kurek can't take the crown for best young player considering the fierce rivalry.

But first of all I'd like to ask zloty147 what he/she meant by the best young player.Is it the best young player no matter the post, or best young wing-spiker( Kurek is spiker, we all know). If it's spiker I'd have to admit (although I don't like at ALL) that Conte is the best now. At the WL 2011 he made a great performance, I was like WOW!
Some of you mention Leon-I agree, he is great too. And Mihailov can be added to the list too, he's young and very dangerous on court.
Kurek has his ups and downs, I don't deny his abilities or anything, but I think he should become more concentrated. If he starts a match well, ok, but if not, he just loses the rythm of the game and makes mistakes.
Bulgaria - Russia (SET1) 7 years ago +1
I can't wait for Valio's comeback. He is very stable in reception and this season in Italy he'll be able to play and show what he is capable of. Of course I too miss Salparov greatly, let's hope he'll be fixed and ready to join our boys soon.
So, he should overcome the fear of facing a togh opponent in order to become better. I think if he believes more in his capacity and skills, he'll increase his level of efficiency enormely. Btw, I've noticed this is a problem with some other players from our NT-they just need a bit more self-esteem.
Over the antena or not- the fact remains: Matey can hit any ball powerfully and mercilessly.
He has the strenght and the spirit, he just needs more time on the court and I hope he'll get that this season in Trento.
Michal Lasko 7 years ago +1
Very good player, with hard and strong hand, Italy is lucky for having him in the NT.
Radostin Stoytchev 7 years ago +2
Честит рожден ден, Радо! Пожелавам ти здраве и да постигнеш всичко, към което се стремиш! (Олимписко залато в Лондон 2012, както каза шамиона! :D)
Radostin Stoytchev 7 years ago +4
I think Rado is absolutely aware of the fact that it's madness to leave the team months before the Olympics. I'm sure if it depends on him, he will stay and do the job as only he knows.
The only thing that's worrying me is the INSANE behavior of our BVF representatives who don't seem to realise they are killing our vollyeball.
I really really really hope Rado stays,because he knows how to bring out the best of a player and develop it to the maximum.
Maybe it's hard competing against your nation, I always wondered about that.
Матей, ти си най-добрият, честит рожден ден!
Bulgaria - Russia (SET1) 7 years ago +2
Yeah, guys, I hope our missing players return as soon as possible to the team. Apparently we need them greatly. Then we will be unstoppable.

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