Add statistics report link to each match

2020-07-15 • 99 views • 3 replies

I like to use Volleybox because it's a useful database. 

Sometime I can use it to quickly to check the record of old matches. But one thing still bothers me that besides checking the results of matches. I normally will look up the statistics as well. Because it's important to value players' performance.  I hope Statistics link can be added to matches so that people can easily see the result as well as can click the link direct to the statistics. 

Volleybox 302
3 weeks ago

Added to the TODO list.

sitenoise 158 6
3 weeks ago

I've asked for this, too. I love sources. Would also like to see Set results. 

I like Wikipedia's template, which is pretty close to our volleybox layout (referees and attendance optional) but understand there's a gigantic TODO list here even if it is something that would be useful or fit design parameters:


ojvolleyballAuthor 44 6
3 weeks ago

@sitenoise  me like sources too. I keep tracking attendance & ticket income data all the time. It's very useful to discuss about commercial development in volleyball community. I hope Volleybox would add those features one day. 

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