It is official, Grbic back at Sir Safety Perugia.

John Suen 2021-05-18 • 1069 views

LZ sports Pro owner Georges Matijasevic announced the return of coach Grbic to Sir Safety Perugia after 6 years starting his coaching career in here. According to the Instagram post, he will be coaching 2 seasons in Perugia from 2021 to 2023.

Grbic has a very successful run with Zaksa this season. Winning three of the title holders in Championship league to became the first coach for Zaksa to win their first European Championship league title. Finishing first in the regular season, along with with winning both the Polish cup and Polish super cup and place second in the playoff. It has been 43 years since a Polish team winning the prestigious European title and it's been 13 years since a non Russian and Italian team to win the title. The last team to win a Championship league title, which is not a Russian or Italian team is VfB Friedrichshafen.

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