Let's translate Volleybox together!

Let's translate Volleybox together!

Volleybox 2021-05-09 • 1969 views • 8

Volleybox has been just successfully installed on the Crowdin tool: https://crwd.in/volleybox 

By using this tool you can translate our website to your native language. So far volleybox has been translated into Polish. Dutch translation is completed in 30%, Greek in 4%.

If your language is not available on the list, please let us know in comments below.

Why is this worth?

You can say: everyone has Google Translate, so why translate the website? There are three reasons why it's worth to do it:

  1. Google Translate doesn't take context into account, the translation is not of the highest quality.
  2. Not every internet user knows how to use Google Translate.
  3. And the most important one: the language of the website is a huge ranking factor in the Google ranking. Google strongly promotes pages in the user's language.
    Chart below shows how many users from Poland opened some Volleybox page on Google search engine. #Volleyboxnet in Polish language was launched around mid-April.

How to do it?

  1. Open Volleybox project on Crowdin: https://crwd.in/volleybox
  2. Sign up on the Crowdin
  3. Choose your language from the list
  4. Choose category from the list

5. Translate every single text:

6. In some texts there are “%s” strings. There are variables, it means dynamic value will be presented here.
For example: Arenas (%s) could be Arenas (151) or Arenas (121). In that case %s presents number of arenas on the list.
Leave this value as a part of the translated text.

In case of any questions of problems, feel free to contact me. You can also add comments directly on the Crowdin project.


Sorin Acela 7
1 week ago

@Volleybox  How much is it paid?

Micinaa_CZ 1 3
1 month ago

Great, I'll do Czech!

Tin PhamNO 33 1
1 month ago

I'll do norwegian

DorienBE 69 4
1 month ago

I'll do it for Dutch in my free time!

John SuenHK 63 8
1 month ago

I will try it for traditional Chinese

VolleyboxAuthor 458
1 month ago

@JohnSuen that would be great! 👍🏼

SherlockFR 690 16
1 month ago

I'll do it for French, my native language. I can also do it for German and Russian if nobody does it for those languages.
Good initiative !

VolleyboxAuthor 458
1 month ago

@Sherlock thanks 👍🏼

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