Pronounciation of players' names

2022-05-17 • 541 views • 2 replies

I think it would be cool to add an audio button in players' profiles that has the proper pronounciation of their names. I always notice that commentators just say names however they want, and I always end up wondering how they are actually pronounced. I don't know, would anybody else be interested in that?

Ele06 1 1
1 month ago

@blablablablavla, it will be Nice, it's a super cool idea. I can help you if you Want to pronounce French names. Why it dosen't already exist on volleybox? 

blablablablavlaAuthor 1
1 month ago

@Ele06 yes !!!! thanks for the interest ♡ I think fans around the world could all help each other with this, it would be really cool 

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