The best month in Volleybox history

Volleybox 2020-02-01 • 1041 views • 2

January 2020 was the best month in our 12 years history. 90576 unique users visited Volleybox in January, 12% more then previous record month: May 2012.

In January 286 new users registered on our website (including 37 professional volleyball players).

I would like to thank our moderators for their hard work: @Fran, @WojciechKulak, @sitenoise, @franzvinci01. Also @Sherlock is doing a great job here. Thank you guys!

#Volleyboxnetusers #Volleyboxnet


franzvinci01IT 17 3
1 year ago

Thanks to you! :P

SherlockFR 651 15
1 year ago

Good news ! The website is growing up and evolving quickly, and it is more and more complete thanks to everyone's contribution. :)

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