Welcome to Chinese Volleyball forum !

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Hi, guys from every country...

Welcome to our volleyball forum, you can konw more about Chinese women and men's national team and great Chinese players... there are a lot of Chinese volleyball fans who know your teams and players very much!

Don't worry about the language, a lot of tools you can use to tranaslate it into any other language you want ...

You can use English there, I am sure most people will know wthat you want to say...

You can even learn some Chinese since it is an important language now all over the world!

Beside, we can share our opinions, I think it will be very interesting....

Chinese Women's national team:

Chinese men's national team:

Bulgarian men's national team (My favorite):

Polish men's national team:

Itlian men's national team (most popular by now):

Russian men's national team:
zoudaokou2323Author 63 4
7 years ago
sorry, the links do not work, all the links attach the same address - a searching engine (like google), you can entey the key Chinese words (after = ) and get the results you interest:
Chinese Women's national team = 中国女排吧
Chinese men's national team = 中国男排吧
Bulgarian men's national team = 保加利亚男排吧
Polish men's national team = 波兰男排吧
Itlian men's national team = 意大利男排吧
Russian men's national team = 俄罗斯男排吧
7 years ago
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