Iraklis Thessaloniki - A.E.K. Athens (full match)

2019-03-06 18:04
His fourth victory in the championship was celebrated by Hercules, and in fact the derby with AEK of Sotiris Drikos in Mikra. With Egor Popov topped and just 11 errors in three sets Heracles beat AEK with 3-0 sets and went up to 6th place with 16 points leaving "Union" at 13.
Although AEK was better in some areas like Servis and returned to George Tzioumakas, overall he lagged aggressively and mainly made many mistakes in the final effort. It is not a coincidence that he could not compete or precede with the exception of the pressure he placed in the 3rd set (until 21-21) and Elias Lappas also saw a red card.
2019-02-16-15-00, Greek A1 League 2018/19 regular season - 16th round
Mikra Gym, Thessaloniki

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Stefanos Nanas Thessaloniki, Greece

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