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Ranking 5240
Nationality Australia
Position Universal
Birthdate 1996-09-11
Height 190cm
Weight 82kg
Spike 355cm
Block 336cm
Views 6738
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Club Review page. 2 months ago 0

Im just curious to see how people are reviewing clubs.   For example AZS Częstochowa was given a 2.1 star rating and then ARBO Rotterdam Fusion was given a 5 star rating.   Two very different clubs playing in two very different leagues, I find it very interesting.

Today in German League.
AlpenVolleys 25-21, 24-26, 50-48, 25-22 Luneburg

Some names I have not seen named in videos but jump higher than the one listed.

Jordan Richards, Australia (AlpenVolleys Haching)
Max Staples, Australia (AlpenVolleys Haching)
Jeff Jendryk, USA (Berlin Recycling)
Billy Johnstone, New Zealand (University of Alberta, Canada)

Jeff Menzel (we have all seen the photo of him blocking at UCSB) and Peter Bakare in their prime.   

Terrel Bramwell and Penuel Josh Barrina (Spiderpenweezy) should also be considered.

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Only on volleymetrics


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Can someone please tell me what happened in the first set (score 11-9) of Modena and Milano? 
In the rally, all Milano players put their hands up complaining about an action of Zaytsev, the rally continued and Abdel-Aziz finished with hitting the ball of the block.
There was a challenge and Modena won the point.. but i couldn't hear or see the result, just Modena won?

@TidO @rkk lets take the most recent game of Poland and Iran. Many minutes were wasted in that game by Vital having to challenge some "in/out" calls that could have been (potentially) avoided by keeping the line judges on the line. From where they are standing now, really the only thing they have a clear view on is block touches.
My question is what was with the decision to make two line judges and stand behind the court? To me, it doesn't make sense!
@taduch: He has had National Team commitments and has not arrived in Russia yet.
Mitch Stahl from UCLA will play for Paris Volley in season 2017-18
Source: Paris Volley Instagram,
@OG_Delija: Unfortunately he will not play in Paris Volley this season because he has shoulder Surgery.
Philip Freere 4 years ago 0
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: Thank you but unfortunately he is not eligble since he is playing in a professional league.
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