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Voting for All Star Team of EuroVolley 2021

For CEV EuroVolley 2021, we turn to you, the fans, to pick the all-star team. The team will consist of one player per position in the starting lineup: Setter, Opposite, two Outside Hitters, two Middle Blockers, and Libero. Pick the at... Pokaż więcej

2021-09-21 0 1303 1230 1 min. czyt.
KVOLLEY2 lat temu 1230 0
Victorious! The young Italians raise from the ashes.

[20 Sept]

Italian men team along with the Italian women team won the European championships. Last time, both men and women's team won at the same edition of the European championship happened in 2019, where Serbia men's and women's tea... Pokaż więcej

2021-09-20 0 1677 1136 3 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 1136 0

[19 Sept]

The final four of the European Championship, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia and Italy battle it out yesterday in Katowice.

Slovenia for the fourth time in a row beat Poland in European Championships. Previously, Poland has been beat... Pokaż więcej

2021-09-19 0 2605 1329 4 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 1329 0

[16 Sept]

Italy destroyed Germany in 3, Grozer was substituted early on the game, after not able to scored in the first set. Linus Weber come in the opposite slot for Germany. Italy was able to hold the serves from Germany and Germany ... Pokaż więcej

2021-09-16 0 898 818 2 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 818 0

[14 Sept]

Czech Republic once against pull of an important win against one of the best European teams in the tournament France to succeed into the next round of the European championship where they will face Slovenia again, which they ... Pokaż więcej

2 lat temu 1 2604 1358
John Suen2 lat temu 1358 1

[13 Sept]

Day 2 of the Round of 16, Italy, Serbia, Germany and the Netherlands a through to the quarterfinals. Italy and Germany are pretty dominant through out the game, especially with Italy playing with a lot of ease against Latvia.... Pokaż więcej

2021-09-13 0 812 759 3 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 759 0

[12 Sept]

The first round of 16 match began in Gdansk as teams from Tampere, Finland arrived. Russia won against Ukraine after losing the first set of the game. Ukraine was very resilience through out the match, but they were unable to... Pokaż więcej

2021-09-12 0 2403 1141 3 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 1141 0

[10 Sept]

After nine long days of pool phase matches, we have finally reached the end of the pool phase and enter to the knockout round of the European Championship 2021.

Pool B Belarus verse Bulgaria, this match is the match decider fo... Pokaż więcej

2021-09-10 0 876 815 2 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 815 0

[9 Sept]

Day 8 of European championship concluded Pool A and Pool C standing.

Poo A

RankTeam1Poland2Serbia4Ukraine4 Portugal5 Belgium6Greece

Pool C

RankTeam1Netherlands2Russia3Turkey4 Finland5Spain6 North Macedonia

Top 4 teams will qualifie... Pokaż więcej

2021-09-09 0 891 844 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 844 0

[7 Sept]

Day 6 of European Championship, more teams have qualified into the final round of the games. Team Serbia, Italy and France won 3 games after day 6 and lock their chances of qualifying into the Round of 16. The match to watch y... Pokaż więcej

2021-09-07 0 3677 1313 2 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 1313 0

[6 Sept]

After a 5 set filled day, day 5 of the European championship is a very intense with Czech Republic forcing Bulgaria to 5th set decider. Poland, Turkey and the Netherlands set to Round of 16 after 3 rounds of games.

Russia conti... Pokaż więcej

2021-09-06 0 1373 1213 2 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 1213 0

[5 Sept]

Eurvolley men's game is bubbling as we have a few five set matches on the fourth match day of the game. In Pool A, we have the battle of the Poland Serbia match, where Poland won in the fifth set in overtime. In Pool C, we hav... Pokaż więcej

2 lat temu 2 2154 1420
John Suen2 lat temu 1420 2

[3 Sept]

The biggest headline of yesterday's Eurovolley result is Russia, the Olympics silver medalist, beaten by the Turkish team in 3 set to 1. Without their starting and also backup opposite on the roster, Russia has to rely on Egor... Pokaż więcej

2021-09-03 0 1357 1105 2 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 1105 0

[Sept 2]

Finland and Latvia beats North Macedonia and Estonia. Latvia achieved their historic win against their Baltic neighbor Estonia in the opening game. Hermans Egleskalns and Oliver Venno are the top scorers at 21. Venno is very e... Pokaż więcej

2 lat temu 0 939 859
John Suen2 lat temu 859 0
Eurovolley 14 men roster unveil for France.

[August 30]

Bernardo Rezende unveiled the 14 men roster. Four new members join the team, including Faure, Diez and Gueye rejoining the team from VNL and Rebeyrol, first senior task for him. The rest of the team are returning Olympians.... Pokaż więcej

2021-08-30 4 2524 1672 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 1672 4

[29 August]

Injuries are plaguing the Russian camp, as Olympics Silver medalist Denis Bodgan and Victor Poletaev are out of Eurovolley. Pavel Teyukhin, son of legendary Sergrey Tetyuhkin and Fedor Voronkov, part of the 2019 World cup t... Pokaż więcej

2021-08-29 0 1762 1166 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 1166 0
France prepares for Eurovolley 2021. 18 men roster unveiled.

[August 21]

Equipes de France de Volley-Ball just announced their upcoming roster in preparation for EuroVolley 2021. 

After the successful 2020 Tokyo Olympics campaign, Bernado Renzede, the new head coach of French volleyball, called 1... Pokaż więcej

2021-08-21 2 4374 2825 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 2825 2

The new head coach of Italian men Volleyball “Azzurri” Ferdinando De Giorgi has called back 16 men to training in Mantua to prepare for the upcoming Friendly matches against Belgium in 25th and 26th of August and European Championship... Pokaż więcej

2 lat temu 0 2959 1371
John Suen2 lat temu 1371 0
Russian roster to European Championship. 11 Olympians returns.

(Edited on 17/8 16:02)

The Russian volleyball federation posted on Instagram about their 15 men roster to European championships. The roster included 11 of the 12 silver medalist from the Tokyo Olympics, Maxim Mikhailov will not partic... Pokaż więcej

2021-08-16 5 3302 2534 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 2534 5

Olympics concluded just 3 weeks before the start of Eurovolley 2021, with Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia and Finland hosting championships. In this edition of championship, top 4 teams from each pool will qualify into the knockout ph... Pokaż więcej

2 lat temu 2 704 601
John Suen2 lat temu 601 2

European Championship qualification has just ended and the teams who will attend the 2021 edition of the games has been decided.

Top finisher will directly qualify for a spot in European Championship and the top 5 runner up team in the... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-17 0 5872 1646 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 1646 0


As Pool B, C and D have finished their qualification early this year, Pool A, E, F and G will begin their second round of qualification on 14th of May. 

In Pool A, the Netherlands will finish their qualification in home soil. Leading ... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-12 0 2698 1204 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 lat temu 1204 0