Srećko Lisinać in Plusliga 2017/18

2018-07-20 23:46
Srećko Lisinac was a player for Skra Bełchatów for 4 years and made a lot of things for this club. After amazing 2017/18 season of Plusliga he decided to change his club for Trentino Volley. Srecko is one of the best middles in the world. Scoring 372 points for Skra in last season and making the most spectacular actions of the league he is now the legend of Skra volleyball and Plusliga. 1103 views
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Srecko Lisinać

Srecko Lisinać

Height: 205cm
Weight: 79kg
Spike: 370cm
Block: 355cm
Current club: Trentino Volley (Italy)

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