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Egor Kliuka - monster of the vertical jump Players Egor Vasilyevich Kliuka (Russian: Егор Васильевич Клюка; born 15 June 1995) is a Russian volleyball player. He is part of the Russia men's national volleyball team. He won the bronz…
Volleyball Players Without Gravity - Crazy Jumps Other This guys forgot about gravity, watch this crazy jumps . Only best players in action. Watch in hd, hope you will like it.
TOP 50 Best Volleyball Hits Other Every volleyball fan should watch this movie. Today I have you TOP 50 Best Volleyball Hits, some of the spikes I didn't use becouse of the low quality. Which spike you like the most ? I hope you enjoy…
This is volleyball (Trailer) Other This small movie shows you all the actions you play in a real volleyball match. All these actions make volleyball a spectaculair sport! Let's see volleyball stars of XXI century: Piotr Nowakowski, Gib…
Matey Kaziyski high-reach (390cm) Actions This is a new record in vertical jump. Matey Kaziyski showed that he can jump really, really high (he reached 390cm in this video). He had 379cm but 10 years ago. When was young he trained different s…