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Hello, im just curious, if there will be a prediction game for russian superleague? Only a couple of days left before it starts.

2022-09-20 2 478 462 1 min read
Cehudo2 months ago 462 2

Hello to everyone, I want to create a page of the recently held volleyball spartakiad and I have a question, but instead of creating a bunch of new teams, can i leave the existing ones, and add only the Sirius federal territory to them?

2022-08-30 2 376 366 1 min read
Cehudo3 months ago 366 2
2022-08-28 2 485 481 1 min read
Cehudo3 months ago 481 2

Hello again, I ask for a helping hand in solving a small problem. I need to remove the players and coaches in this team, I can't do it myself.

Ivna Colombo was not part of the te... Show more
2021-04-02 8 1417 1395 1 min read
Cehudo1 year ago 1395 8

Hello again, please, help me with my problem. In Russian League U20, we have odd formula of games. We have 1-6 places games, 7-10 places and 11-14 places games, but there are no such terms in “choose round” section. So, please, can you h... Show more

2021-03-25 5 1438 1428 1 min read
Cehudo1 year ago 1428 5

Hello, i want to edit team wallpaper, but the field of the team in the top of the screen is too narrow, all heads are cut off. Can you explain, how i can make a bigger field? And the same problem with the players edit field.

2020-12-17 5 1027 1006 1 min read
Cehudo1 year ago 1006 5

@Volleybox Hello, i try it by e-mail, but nothing happend. Please, delete transfer of Anna Belova that was now verified. Its wrong and its totally my mistake. When i press "remove transfer", i get a message with error and when, i wright via e-mail.

2 years ago 3 567 550
Cehudo2 years ago 550 3

Hello, another question: one coach was coach assistant on VNL in Russian Women Team in 2019 year. But how it add, when i have options 18/19 and 19/20?

2 years ago 5 481 473
Cehudo2 years ago 473 5

Hello, if some team had two coaches per season, can i add to team two main coaches? Or must be only one?

2 years ago 2 515 509
Cehudo2 years ago 509 2

@Volleybox Hello, im added information about coach Yuri Marichev, that in the season 18/19, half of the season he was coach of Proton-Saratov, and another half he was coach of Yenisey, and then in the last season and now, he again coach ... Show more

2 years ago 0 538 529
Cehudo2 years ago 529 0

@ Volleybox Please, remove from male team Yenisei Krasnoyarsk player Pavel Zaytsev from seasons 2018/19 and 2019/20. There is no such player in this seasons in the team. I dont know, who add him.

2 years ago 0 444 439
Cehudo2 years ago 439 0

Hello, maybe you can add minus button n the "waiting room" section? Ten minuses=automatically deleted. Honestly, i even don't press plus button, becouse, i can't understand this idea. But this video about "call girls" is to musch i think.

2 years ago 3 466 463
Cehudo2 years ago 463 3

Hello, is a "rent player" similar to "transfer"? Or it's better not to list to the tranfers?

2 years ago 0 455 450
Cehudo2 years ago 450 0

@Volleybox but if i will start editing, "Dvorkin" just will change the name of palace to "Yarygin", but it's two different places.

When i click on "Yarygin palace" in searching box, i 'm enterening to the "Dvorkin" page and i can't change... Show more

2 years ago 4 519 513
Cehudo2 years ago 513 4

Hello, in your database Sports House named after M. Dvorkin and Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace has the same adress 

Can you separate them?

2 years ago 0 481 478
Cehudo2 years ago 478 0
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