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@rexvolley Oh, whose is this then? :D

@rexvolley Isn't it your voice at the beginning of each video?

@rexvolley And great English as well. How did you learn it in (I suppose) such a young age?

Man! This is outstanding. Keep doing whatcha doing.

Isn't it "Seven nations army?". Btw. I just realised I wasn't here since a very long time :)
Good video, but I think those are not the best spikes of him.
I've heard of it. But what do You mean: "Macerata hall wasn't regular" ?
Bruno Rezende set by dig 5 years ago 0
Great effort of putting those actions on v-m. However I didn't find anything funny in this action. It should be named set by dig by Bruno.
Looking for a player... 5 years ago +2
I remember two players who have strong serve and that approach: Andrea Sartoretti and Angel Denis, but the second one haven't play in Italian NT.
Zawkrze Mława 2013/14 6 years ago +2
DJ Nelson się załapał :) Zasięg ma jak na drugą ligę. You can see DJ Nelson playing. He was preparing to play in one of the Plusliga teams, but soon it turned out that his transfer is a misconception. To be clear he is good in terms of third class league in Poland.
Do you know where can I watch the WL 2014 matches? Are there some live broadcasts? Do you know where can I find the matches which were already played?
Very dynamic player and good to watch.
Incredible. I like that kind of actions.
There's no Donald Suxho unfortunately...
Better than De Cecco and Kaliberda :) Unfortunately not the best quality, hard to see how high the ball went up after hit the court.
Congratulations, let us see you in some important match.
Everybody says: the best fans are from Poland. I have to admit, that Brazilians are equally or more devoted.
It was rather fixed by both players. The ball was quick and short. I think they just arranget it before the action.
Yeah. Same like creating movies from Polsat's materials I hope we can fix it. I think that livestreams was fantastic idea.

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