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VERVA Warszawa ORLEN Paliwa

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PGE Skra Bełchatów
VERVA Warszawa ORLEN Paliwa

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  • 4You Airlines AZS Politechnika Warszawska
  • AZS Politechnika Warszawska
  • J.W. Construction AZS Politechnika Warszawska
  • Klub Uczelniany AZS Politechnika Warszawska
  • Neckermann AZS Politechnika Warszawska
  • ONICO AZS Politechnika Warszawska
  • ONICO Warsaw
  • ONICO Warszawa
  • Politechnika Warszawska
  • Projekt Warszawa
  • Wózki BT AZS Politechnika Warszawska

There was a lot of controversy in the middle of the first set of the match between #VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa  and #AluronCMCWartaZawiercie. The host's coach, #AndreaAnastasi, believed that the guests had touched the ball during #ArturSza... Show more

Volleybox 2020-11-09 0 281 138
Volleybox3 weeks ago 138 0

Bartosz Kwolek stays in #VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa 


Plusliga 2019/20, regular season - 20th round
Best moments of match between «Verva Warszawa» and «PGE Skra» from Polish PlusLiga season 2019/2020 Round 20 (22.02.20)

#VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #PGESkraBelchatow #Plusliga201920

World of volley 2020-02-22 0 471 465
World of volley8 months ago 465 0
Match between Skra and Verva Warsaw was great. Both teams played lovely volleyball. The best action was in the fourth set.

#PGESkraBelchatow #VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #longrally

Volleybox 2019-11-28 0 266 260
Volleybox1 year ago 260 0
Plusliga 2019/20, regular season - 4th round
Extreme volleyball long rally between Jastrzębski Węgiel and Projekt Warszawa in the game of the Plusliga 2019-2020 season.

#BartoszKwolek #VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #JastrzebskiWegiel #Plusliga201920

volleyvids12 2019-11-09 0 433 433
volleyvids121 year ago 433 0
(Onico) Warszawa is one of the last 2 teams who will compete in the next 2019-2020 season of Plusliga and I would talk about them today. They have a huge problem with their titular sponsor so we are all not sure if they would even compe... Show more
Plusligavb 2019-10-22 0 133 132
Plusligavb1 year ago 132 0

After the official declaration of bankruptcy the main sponsor of capital club from Poland ONICO lost already 2 players(Łukasik,Van den Dries).
The situation is similiar to Stocznia Szczecin's downfall. Vice champion of Poland is still sea... Show more

Kondes 2019-10-13 0 164 163 1 min read
Kondes1 year ago 163 0
Bartosz Kwolek, one of the youngest power of Polish volleyball had a very good season in Onico Warszawa in Plusliga 2018-2019 season. Unfortunately he had a injury in the end of the seaon but he's fine now and ready for the Poland nation... Show more
volleyvids12 2019-09-17 0 494 494
volleyvids121 year ago 494 0
Nikoley Penchev and his Onico Warsaw played in semifinals of PlusLiga 2018/19. Bulgarian player shown us a lot of great actions.

#NikolayPenchev #VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #Plusliga201819

Piteerr89 2019-09-06 0 380 379
Piteerr891 year ago 379 0
Plusliga 2018/19, regular season - 24th round
Onico Warsaw is close to be in TOP 2 after regular season of PlusLiga 2018/19. Team from capital of Poland won away match against AZS Olsztyn 3:1.

#IndykpolAZSOlsztyn #VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #Plusliga201819

Wojciech Kulak 2019-03-08 0 161 161
Wojciech Kulak1 year ago 161 0
Plusliga 2018/19, regular season - 23th round
Onico Warsaw played out of Warsaw first time in 2018/19. His rival was very strong, because they played against one of top team of Chamions League 2018/19, Trefl Gdańsk. Kurek &co took easy win 3:0.

#VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #TreflGdansk ... Show more

Wojciech Kulak 2019-03-02 0 3252 3252
Wojciech Kulak1 year ago 3252 0
Plusliga 2018/19, regular season - 22th round
Amazing game of Onico Warsaw with the volleyball star: Bartosz Kurek who scored 27 points. Feel the Polish Plusliga atmosphere!

#VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #GrupaAzotyZAKSAKedzierzynKozle #Plusliga201819

Volleybox 2019-02-23 0 837 835
Volleybox1 year ago 835 0
Plusliga 2018/19, regular season - 20th round
Będzin couldn't do anything against Onico Warsaw. During the game, Bartosz Kwolek showed off outstanding attacking abillity. He had 82% in attack (10/12).

#VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #MKSBedzin #Plusliga201819

Volleybox 2019-02-14 0 461 460
Volleybox1 year ago 460 0
Polish Cup 2018/19, quarterfinal
The hall was fully packed in Nysa. This game decided who will advance to the semi-final. Kurek was the man in the match. Look at his spike on 0:36!

#StalNysaSA #VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #PolishCup201819

Volleybox 2019-01-23 0 597 596
Volleybox1 year ago 596 0
Plusliga 2018/19, regular season - 15th round
In match Onico Warsaw - Resovia Rzeszów Bartosz Kurek returned to the game. MVP of World Championships 2018 took win with his team and scored the most points.

#VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #AssecoResoviaRzeszow #Plusliga201819

Wojciech Kulak 2019-01-12 0 521 521
Wojciech Kulak1 year ago 521 0
Plusliga 2018/19, regular season - 10th round
Team from Warsaw played really good in match against Trefl Gdańsk. In next round Bartosz Kurek and Nikolay Penchev will play for Onico! Now will be very hard even for best teams in Plusliga to stop them.

#VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #TreflGd... Show more

Volleybox 2018-12-07 0 437 437
Volleybox1 year ago 437 0
Plusliga 2018/19, regular season - 8th round
After winning with Cuprum Lubin (3:0), Skra was having a great will to beat Onico Warsaw this time. Bełchatów took the whole control over it from the very beginning. Milad Ebadipour was the best scorer in home team with 18 points. He got... Show more
Volleybox 2018-11-17 0 391 391
Volleybox2 years ago 391 0
Plusliga 2018/19, regular season - 6th round
Professional highlights from Onico Warsaw. Stocznia Szczecin won fourth game in season 2018/19. The MVP of the World Championship Bartosz Kurek showed a good play with 18 points, while Matey Kaziyski added 14.

#VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #... Show more

Volleybox 2018-11-08 0 483 483
Volleybox2 years ago 483 0
Plusliga 2018/19, regular season - 4th round
It was a clash of the teams from the top part in the table. Onico Warsaw have entered the game as the undefeated side, but after it, they have recorded the first loss in that season. Maksim Zhigalov (19 points) and Wojciech Żaliński (18 ... Show more
Volleybox 2018-10-26 0 374 374
Volleybox2 years ago 374 0
Plusliga 2018/19, regular season - 2nd round
Resovia lost a game again. This time against Onico Warsaw 1:3 (18:25, 23:25, 25:23, 21:25). Rafael Araujo (25 points) and Bartosz Kwolek (18) were the top scorers on the winning side, while Damian Schulz had 16 points in Rzeszów.

#VERVAWa... Show more

Volleybox 2018-10-17 0 727 727
Volleybox2 years ago 727 0
Plusliga 2018/19, regular season - 1st round
Stephane Antiga's team was better than Curpum Lubin. Three players of Onico had 8 points each Araujo, Lukasik, Kwolek, while the top scorer of the game is coming from Lubin: Jakub Ziobrowski (11 points).

#VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa #CuprumL... Show more

Volleybox 2018-10-12 0 508 508
Volleybox2 years ago 508 0
Plusliga 2017/18, regular season - 27th round
Onico Warsaw won that game in three sets. Wojciech Włodarczyk for home team scored 14 points. His team to remain third-placed in the standings. Resovia Rzeszów is out of the top six who will compete in the play-offs.

#WojciechWlodarczyk #... Show more

Volleybox 2018-03-24 0 995 995
Volleybox2 years ago 995 0
Plusliga 2017/18, regular season - 26th round
Jastrzębski Węgiel (6th place) finally beat Onico Warsaw (4th place) and reduced the distance to the team from the Polish capital in the standings to three points. Maciej Muzaj scored 22 points (3 aces, 2 kill blocks) and Guillaume Samic... Show more
Volleybox 2018-03-17 0 813 812
Volleybox2 years ago 812 0
Plusliga 2017/18, regular season - 25th round
Since the situation in the top six in the Plusliga standings is very tense, team from Warsaw could not afford themselves to lose the second straight game. Bartosz Kwolek and Jan Nowakowski returned to squad. The Macedonian Nikola Gjorgie... Show more
Volleybox 2018-03-12 0 786 785
Volleybox2 years ago 785 0
Polish Cup 2017/18, quarterfinal
Highlights made by Polsat Sport. In the quarter-final of Polish Cup 2017/18 team from Warsaw win against Jastrzębski Węgiel 3:2. The MVP award got setter Antoine Brizard despite his teammate Bartosz Kwolek scored game-high 18 points. Mac... Show more
Volleybox 2018-01-10 0 1224 1223
Volleybox2 years ago 1223 0
Plusliga 2016/17, 9th place match - 1st match
Paweł Zagumny ended up club career on April 9, 2017 after last match of the season 2016/17 as ONICO AZS Politechnika Warszawska player. The official thanks for his club career was held the day before at Torwar Hall with almost 5000 fans.... Show more
Volleybox 2017-04-08 0 1199 1197
Volleybox3 years ago 1197 0
Plusliga 2016/17, regular season - 20th round
Review of great battle in Plusliga. Team from Warsaw scored 3 points from this match as they triumphed in four sets! AZS Politechnika had 5 players with great scores - Michał Filip 21 points, Andrzej Wrona and Łukasz Łapszyński 13 each,... Show more
Volleybox 2017-02-04 0 900 899
Volleybox3 years ago 899 0
Presentation of AZS Politechnika Warszawska players which took place at Torwar Hall. There are powerful sponsors like: ONICO, IDS BUD and Galeria Młociny. You could see there famous players like: Paweł Zagumny, Guillaume Samica and Andr... Show more
Volleybox 2017-01-04 0 573 573
Volleybox3 years ago 573 0

It is time for opening this topic! Plusliga in season 2013/14. Here will play: Resovia Rzeszów, Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Jastrzębski Węgiel, Transfer Bydgoszcz, Skra Bełchatów, AZS Politechnika Warszawska, Effector Kielce, Trefl Gdańsk, AZS Czę... Show more

Volleybox 2013-10-08 9 8599 8598 7 mins read
Volleybox7 years ago 8598 9
AZS Politechnika Warszwska before season 2013/14. You can see players in action with coach (Jakub Bednaruk). The player who was a member of Polish national team in 2009 when they reached golden medal, Pawel Woicki, is close to sign for A... Show more
luck191 2013-10-06 0 1083 1082
luck1917 years ago 1082 0

The draw of the Challenge Cup 2013/14 took place this morning in Luxembourg City under the supervision of ECC President Riet Ooms and with two neutral observers: Willy Bruninx of Belgium and Patrick Wagner of Luxembourg in attendance.

... Show more

Volleybox 2013-06-20 0 3392 3389 4 mins read
Volleybox7 years ago 3389 0
Skra Bełchatów has played the worst season since 10 years. They haven't played in Final Four of Polish Cup, was eliminated from the quarter-final of Champions League and now they are only on 5th place of Polish Plusliga 2012/13. All the... Show more
luck191 2013-04-08 1 1196 1196
luck1917 years ago 1196 1
The bunch of semi-finalists of Polish Cup 2012 was completed by Delecta Bydgoszcz. Team coached by Piotr Makowski won in three sets against AZS Politechnika Warszawska. The best scorer was Dawid Konarski with 13 points. AZS Politechnika ... Show more
luck191 2013-01-09 0 723 723
luck1917 years ago 723 0
Effector Kielce won battle against AZS Politechnika Warszawska. They have won 2 matches in a row of Plusliga 2012/13. Team coached by Dariusz Dzaszkiewicz is on 7th place with 16 points now. They had in saturday's match 48% of efficiency... Show more
luck191 2013-01-05 1 706 706
luck1917 years ago 706 1
AZS Politechnika Warszawska fulfilled their role of the favorite. AZS Częstochowa had a lot of trouble again. However, they won one set and were close to tie break, but AZS Politechnika did not let them to take any points away. Grzegorz ... Show more
luck191 2012-12-22 1 700 700
luck1917 years ago 700 1
Yesterday's great match in Plusliga 2012/13. Battle between AZS Politechnika Warszawska and Kędzierzyn-Koźle. Team led by Daniel Castellani totally dominated all offensive elements of volleyball in Warsaw. They won in 1 hour's and 18 min... Show more
luck191 2012-12-03 0 814 814
luck1918 years ago 814 0
Match was watched live at "Torwar" hall by 5150 spectators. That was absolutely record of attendance of this season in Polish League. AZS Politechnika Warszawska is black horse of Plusliga in that season. Warszawa won the six matches in ... Show more
luck191 2012-11-28 2 1668 1667
luck1918 years ago 1667 2
Promotional spot of AZS Politechnika Warszawska. Fabian Drzyzga, Nemanja Stefanović, Paweł Siezieniewski joined the team and Michał Potera will replace Damian Wojtaszek . AZS Politechnika Warszawska is the incontestable "black horse" of ... Show more
luck191 2012-11-04 2 740 740
luck1918 years ago 740 2
Four the best teams of Plusliga faced in fourth round. Skra played with Kędzierzyn and Resovia with Jastrzębski Węgiel. Skra was leading 2:0 in sets but Jastrzębski won that game 3:2 thanks to Fonteles ace serves in tie-break. Resovia wo... Show more
przemek16 2012-10-28 8 3107 3104
przemek168 years ago 3104 8
The best camera shots from 3rd round of Polish Plusliga collected in one movie. Hit of that round was match against Kędzierzyn-Koźle and Polish Champion: Resovia Rzeszów. Team coached by Daniel Castellani and Sebastian Świderski shows th... Show more
przemek16 2012-10-20 4 2289 2288
przemek168 years ago 2288 4
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