Volleyball Headshots (4th movie)

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Watch these terrible volleyball headshots in the biggest competitions. In this movie you see a lot of volleyball headshot from the best players in the world. At 2:46 you see a big headshot to Kristoff Ignaszak, one of the best libero’s in the world. But also Bruno rezoned gets a big headshot. But he stands up very fast. The Headshot getting spiked by the biggest spike machines in the volleyball world. Clayton Stanley, Mariusz Wlazly and Ivan Miljkovic. You don’t have to think about it to get a headshot from one of these players.
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K-MED IR 4 years ago
It's better to separate "head shots" (as forehead) from "face shots" (as eyes and nose!). You know what I mean! Pain matters guys!
And Mirzajanpour shot to Poland was Neck shot! so, none of them!
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago
I like that you included actions from many different league and also NT actions. Those headshots looked liked the really hurt Ouch

Also @Volleyball-Tube you forgot to add the best headshot:

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Volleyball-Tube NL 4 years ago
@Wilfredo_is_Marshall: Haha their are so many big headshot, but i wanted the headshot from the the most famous competitions. But you're right this one could fit in the movie!
soidensir3 VN 4 years ago
great movie!
Volleyball-Tube NL 4 years ago
@soidensir3: Thank you!
soidensir3 VN 4 years ago