Zenit Kazan - Belogorie Belgorod (short cut)

2012-12-30 12:35
Belogorie Belgorod won after 7 years of Russian Cup. Georg Grozer finally showed what it was expected before the season and what he presented playing in Resovia Rzeszów. Yesterday he scored 22 points. The second Lokomotiv leader was Dmitriy Muserskiy with 15 points. Maxim Mikhaylov played good game (23 points), but in that match his team wasn't so effective. Belgorod played more efficiently volleyball and can celebrate the victory. Dmitriy Muserskiy was the best player of the tournament.
Date: 29.12.2012
Place: "Sports Palace Cosmos", Belgorod (RUS)
Match: Zenit Kazan - Belogorie Belgorod 1:3 (final)
Kind of tournament: Russian Cup 2012 Final Six
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Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
Zenit kazan has very good videos, they should upload full matches too
dyingflutsman NL 6 years ago
I'm dying to see this match!


luck191 Turek, Poland

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