[Fixed] Tournaments database. Clubs. Inappropriate country tournaments showing

2020-06-28 • 166 views • 3 replies
  1. Go to Tournaments database
  2. Select Club tab
  3. Select country in filter (e.g. Poland)
  4. Hit search

Actual result: Club tournaments are showing from another countries

Expected: Only tournaments from searching country should be present

sitenoise 155 6
1 month ago

I think "Waiting" and "Soonest" tournaments of all countries always show first. If you scroll down your filtered results is Poland the only one shown after that?

Vitalii LatyshAuthor 26 9
1 month ago

@sitenoise Yep, but UX saying that you as a user sees only selected country tournaments - waiting, soonest too. All countries you should see only when filters not used.

Volleybox 300
1 month ago

You're right @VitaliiLatysh. Bug have been fixed.

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