Julio Velasco: If you want to improve yourself you have to find new goals and challenges

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Julio Velasco: If you want to improve yourself you have to find new goals and challenges You working as a coach for many years. Earlier, especially in nineties you fought for biggest trophies with your teams. Now you are coach of the team, which doesn't belong to world top. Is there any chance in coaching because of that?

Julio Velasco: Everything is different now. In the past I have been working mainly in Argentina and Italy and between those two environments there is no difference basically. Now I'm working in Asia and this is one of the biggest differences, because in Asia they have an alternative idea for game. All Asian teams should change this idea, because they don't have any successes and their level is going down, so something is definitely not right. I have to change their thinking about volleyball, but it's not only about tactic but also other elements, which I have to figure out. Those differences are not result of Iranian culture, but some people. In every country there are people who do things well and people who don't (laugh). So it's a hard work, but in the same time interesting, because this is new challenge, different from those previous ones. And I like it, because its difficult, so I can improve myself too.

How it is in Iran then? Is it popular sport? How professional is their league?

For sure league becoming popular and more important. League has 14 teams and they are very professional. Players earn very well, they have good conditions to practise, equipment in venues and gyms is new and solid. But general organization, I mean the international arena, must improve. For example here on this tournament, playing day by day, long traveling, my players have to get use to it, learn it. Iran has many good players, probably more talents than in other countries, which teams are better than our, but some number of those Iranians must change from good players to top players on their positions, improve their skills and technique to better, world - class level. To make it happen we have to play more international tournaments. World Cup is for us a big chance for improvement, but first of all we have to qualify to World League. Without World League you have no opportunities to play matches, because other strong team from Europe play in European League and in Asia there are not many good teams. So this is our main problem. We have to find more chances for international matches.

Let's talk about your past. In nineties you won with Italy almost everything. Why did you leave the team after Olympics in Atlanta in 1996?

We finished Olympic cycle and I thought that I need new challenge. Also the team needed some changes, as it usually happen after every Olympic Games and I worked with this team so many years that I felt I need some change. It's not good to stay with one team whole career, just because you are winning. That would be the most comfortable but in my opinion if you want to improve yourself you have to find new goals and challenges. Of course that was hard for me, because we knew each other long time, I trained with one group, then another for next cycle and we we still winning. Building new team for third Olympic cycle? This was to much for me in that moment. Today I don't regret, I think this was a good decision.

Now when you see your players who are coaches, for example Anastasi who works with Poland or Bernardi who starting succeed with his club, what do you feel?

I'm very proud. We keep contact, we talk a lot and sometimes they ask me for some tips about coaching. They will be always my players and I'm happy that they are doing great. But not only Italians, also Catsellani or Uriarte, who are coaches too. On the last World Championships we could see 5 coaches from Argentina and this fact should make Argentine feel proud and in case of Andrea and Lorenzo also Italy. It's very nice to see their successes with European teams.

Maybe in next few years you will come back to Italy, for example as a o coaching the club?

No, I don't think it's going to happen. It's not good to repeat something or look back. If I leave Iran, I will do it only for the new challenge, but not to come back to what I did in the past. I leave in Italy, but I don't what to work there anymore (laugh). Those memories are nice, but they are memories and I should focus on this what's before me.

What do you think about your countryman, team Argentina? You mentioned Castellani and Uriarte and those players are working with Weber. Also league in Argentina is growing, new, better sponsors joining this sport. Volleyball in your country is getting better.

National team is now a group of very good, young players. Some of them are very, very good, for example De Cecco is amazing already. I like also Conte, Quiroga, Sole, Uriarte. But they are not all our talents, we have even younger and talented players. I think this team will be ready for London, they will qualify for sure and on next World Championships they will be main favorites. I like their style of play, they are playing intelligent, despite the age.

So is it possible that in London we will see together with Argentina also Iran?

I think that we can do it. It won't be easy, because World Cup is tough tournament and another chance for us is only intercontinental tournament in June. This is very weird situation, because Asia has no continental tournament like Europa or both Americas. Why is that? We should ask FIVB. We will try to qualify, but it's going to be a difficult task.

But you like difficult challenges.

(laugh) That's why maybe you will see us in London.

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pearlIT 1003 11
12 years ago
First time I warched a volleyball match on tv was in 1990, and it was the semi-final of World Championship BRA-ITA: we won 3-2 over Brazilians (host country on that occasion) and the following day we won the final 3-1 over Cuba. I was just a little kid but I fell madly in love with that Squad and this sport. Now, almost 20 years later, I still cherish that memory with the same enthusiasm I had that very first time...if not more. I will always be grateful to Julio for that: thanx to him and his guys I found the most beautiful sport in the world ?
Kk15IT 1301 11
12 years ago
what a coach <3
SllaveqBG 790 10
12 years ago
Great coach! Awesome!
KjeldhorIT 1059 17
12 years ago
i love velasco... we really can see him at olympics game
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