The stars on EuroVolley 2013: Georg Grozer (Germany)

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The stars on EuroVolley 2013: Georg Grozer (Germany) Georg Grozer (born November 27, 1984 in Budapest - Hungary) is German spiker. He is son of former player: Georg Grozer senior. His son has quite similar behaviour on the ground like him.

Georg plays currently in Russian Lokomotiv Belogrod. For many fans he is the best German spiker in the history. He played 30 matches for Hungarian NT in years 2004-2006. A few years later, he became player of German national team. Grozer won several individual prizes, including award for the Best Scorer of the European League 2008. Grozer played for such teams like: Kaposvár (HUN), Dunaferr (HUN), Vasas Budapest (HUN), Moerser SC (GER). In season 2008/09, he played for the famous German club: VfB Friedrichshafen. He played as wing-spiker in that season. His team took 1st place in German Bundesliga in seasons 2008/09 and 2009/10. After spending two seasons in Friedrichshafen, he signed contract with Resovia Rzeszów. He set unofficial speed record of Plusliga. He served a ball with speed 128 km/h. Grozer was a sensation of Play-off's round of Plusliga 2011/12.
Skra haven't won Champion's title for the first time for 8 years. Grozer was their real killer. He was best player of three matches won by Resovia Rzeszów. After second game in the final it was known that he won't stay in Poland and he will play in Russian Belgorod in season 2012/13. After one season in Russia he extended the contract for two years (he will play up to 2015 for Belogorie Belgorod). In an interview released by, the 29 year old German opposite hitter confesses that playing in Russian Superliga is much harder than in Polish Plusliga. He said: "A surprise for me was the fact serving an in Russian League is much more difficult than in Poland. Almost every team has good reception". He added that many teams have tall players and good blockers. "Only Skra, Resovia and Delecta may take fight with Russian teams. Winning is so hard here, even in front of your own fans. I don't know why, but in Poland, matches at home were much easier. You could always be sure that you will win. Here in Russia sometimes it is easier to win away than at home. Everything is more complicated here".

Georg Grozer

Date of birth: 1984
Position: spiker
Height: 200cm
Weight: 99kg
Spike: 374cm
Block: 345cm

Clubs: Kaposvár , Dunaferr , Vasas Budapest , Moerser SC , VfB Friedrichshafen , Resovia Rzeszów , Lokomotiv Belgorod


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7 years ago
Heh why is Rzeszów marked with flag of Germany? I love how expressive (and explosive) Grozer is!
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7 years ago
@NXT: now is ok
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